Captain Lee From ‘Below Deck’ Advises Fans to Not ‘Screw the Pooch’ and Listen to Officials

Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck is taking a soothing, but stern approach to talking to fans about how to handle the coronavirus.

The captain has shared a few reassuring messages with fans about how to stay calm but to also listen to officials about hand washing and social distancing. He recently returned from shooting season 8 and has ramped up social media activity. Below Deck season 8 reportedly stopped filming early due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Captain Lee Rosbach
Captain Lee Rosbach|Ralph Bavaro/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Most recently, Rosbach shared a new video, directed to fans. Rocking his Maui Jim shades, Rosbach offered advice and told fans to remain calm. “Just wanted to post an update, My bride and I are well. Hope ya’ll are as well. Hang in there and keep doing what you are supposed to do and we will see ya’ll on the other side of this. This isn’t forever, when they show the stats of this on tv look in the green column, it’s not all bad news. We will come thru this if we all pull together,” he wrote.

Don’t screw the pooch

In his video, Rosbach tapped into some of his colorful phrases to emphasize what Americans should be doing. He possibly witnessed some of the spring break craziness when he returned home from shooting. Rosbach lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which is usually the epicenter of spring break for many colleges. Until recently, the beaches were flooded with vacationers, with many young people ignoring warnings about the virus transmission.

He started his video by checking in to see how everyone is holding up. He gives viewers an opportunity to see his lush, South Florida yard as he hangs outside and gets fresh air. “I want to make sure everybody’s still doing the right thing, hanging in there, hanging tough,” he says. “As I said before, we’re going to get through this. We don’t have to get our knickers in a wad over it. We just need to keep doing the right thing and not screwing the pooch.”

Rosbach reminds fans to wash their hands and remember social distancing. “And not going out unless you have to,” he continues. “And pretty soon, this too shall pass and we will come out the other side stronger and better for it. So take care of your loved ones, do the right thing, and make sure you’re practicing good hygiene. And on the other side, I’ll see every one of you!”

Rosbach also has another message of reassurance

Rosbach was referred to as “America’s Dad” on Twitter as he has released a few reassuring messages to anxious fans. Rosbach shared another video before he was about to ride his bike. “Everybody just needs to do what is right. You can never go wrong doing the right thing. WTFU. Now is the time. This is something you can’t phone in. Do the right thing and do it now,” he captioned his post.

He reminded fans they should get fresh air while being quarantined. But also practice smart hand washing and social distancing too. He smiles from his bike saying, “Hear that? Mother Nature at her best,” he says as birds chirp in the distance.