Captain Lee from ‘Below Deck’ Reveals What His Quarters Really Look like on Charter

One interesting aspect about Below Deck is seeing how the crew lives while on charter.

The show typically shows two crew members crammed into a tiny room. The crew also seems to share an even smaller bathroom too. This makes living together even more “interesting.”

Kate Chastain, Adrian Martin, Ashton Pienaar |Photo by Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

In addition to the only private space the crew gets, yachts also have a crew mess area, which is spacious but still “below deck.” As for the captain, fans haven’t really had a chance to see where Captain Lee Rosbach or Captain Sandy Yawn sleep. While viewers knew, for the most part, they didn’t have to share a room, no one knew how much additional space or privacy was afforded to the captain. Until now. Rosbach graciously posted a picture of his quarters from a recent voyage.

Room to relax

While the crew is piled up two by two, the captain gets a little additional space to take a breather. Rosbach’s image featured what appears to be a double bed, encased in cabinetry so he has plenty of storage.

The room also features what seems to be an air conditioning vent above the bed. A number of crew members have mentioned that several of the tropical charters meant extreme heat and humidity. So having a cool place to sleep is vital to keeping the captain alert and healthy.

The spacious bed and storage are not all. Rosbach added that he shot the image while sitting on a sofa in his room. Not a bad way to travel whatsoever!

Rosbach adds that the room is located near the wheelhouse in case of an emergency. “It’s right behind the wheelhouse,” he wrote on Twitter. “That is generally where the Capt stays so he can be in proximity to the bridge when you are making long passages in case of an emergency.”

Some yachts have fancy crew areas

For the most part, crew areas on various Below Deck vessels have been pretty similar. However, some vessels in the industry are actually designed with the crew in mind.

One shipbuilder told Boat they design their yachts to provide a larger crew space. ‘As a shipyard, we try to set as high a standard as possible for the spaces where the crew sleeps and leisures,’ Michael Breman, Lürssen Yachts’ sales director said. ‘Our boats are larger, and therefore it’s easier to lay out a boat in a proper, professional way.”

The idea is that a happy crew makes for happier guests. One vessel even has a special crew gym and lounge area. The crew gym is similar to what guests get to enjoy on board. It includes treadmills, LifeCycles, stair steppers and more.

One yacht, the Galileo, offers crew quarters that rival what is provided to guests, Boat reports. “They are designed to provide ample living space for circumnavigation, [which] leads to extended stays on board by the owner and his guests, so the crew is basically available 24 hours a day,” Vitruvius spokesperson Cristina Bernardini told Boat.

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