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Brie Larson is reprising her role as Carol Danvers in the highly anticipated sequel to Captain Marvel. No casting or plot details have been released yet. But Larson is opening up about her fitness routine, and she’s detailing how she’s getting her body primed for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film.

Brie Larson at the premiere of 'Captain Marvel'
Brie Larson at the premiere of ‘Captain Marvel’ | ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

Brie Larson is priming her body for ‘Captain Marvel 2’ with morning stretches

Training to look like a superhero requires commitment and hard work. But on her Youtube channel, Larson suggested her fitness routine focuses on recovery as much as anything else. 

 “I am starting training again for the sequel, so I’ve been doing everything I can to just get my body primed,” she says in her Feb. 25 video. “I’ve learned a lot from athletes in the recovery process, [like] how important it is to avoid injury in something like Captain Marvel — Yeah, it does require no lifting weights and all of those things, but it also requires the recovery.”

In the vlog, Larson demonstrates the morning stretches she’s incorporated into her fitness routine. And she notes that it’s helped her tune into her body. 

“Stretching daily has helped me a lot over the past few months,” Larson captioned the vlog. “It’s something I do before each of my workouts and even on days, I know my body just needs a little extra love. It’s a great way to calm down and listen to your body.”

Brie Larson’s morning routine also involves self-care

In a Feb. 4 video on her YouTube channel, Larson revealed the self-care techniques she incorporates into her daily morning routine. The Captain Marvel 2 star starts each day cleansing her face. And she then heads to the kitchen to make a cup of tummy-friendly matcha green tea. 

While her sauna is heating up,  Larson cracks open her journal and does a little self-reflection. “It is a time to just get all my thoughts out, connect with myself, see where I’m at, express gratitude if that’s where it’s at,” she says. “And then sometimes I throw in something different.

“Right now, one of the things that I’ve been really interested in is my intuition because I think I, as well as every person on the planet, has very strong intuition.”

After journaling her thoughts, Larson heads to her sauna to stretch, breathe, and clear her mind. She then showers, washes her face and gets ready for her morning workout. At the end of the video, Larson mentions that she drinks water throughout her morning. And she often makes herself an egg and vegan cheese sandwich for breakfast. 

Brie Larson will be joined by at least two more female superheroes in ‘Captain Marvel 2’

Larson isn’t the only one getting ready for Captain Marvel 2. The actor will be joined by Teyonah Parris, who was just introduced as Monica Rambeau in WandaVision


‘Captain Marvel 2’: Iman Vellani Will Join Brie Larson as Ms. Marvel in Upcoming Film

And at 2020’s Disney Investor Day, Marvel boss Kevin Feige revealed that the MCU’s new Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, will join Larson as well. 

“A fact about Ms. Marvel is that her idol is Captain Marvel,” he said. “And today, I’m excited to announce that Ms. Marvel, played by Iman, will be joining Brie Larson and co-starring in Captain Marvel 2, along with a grown-up Monica Rambeau, played by Teyonah Parris — So by now, you should be getting a sense of all our interconnected storytelling.”