‘Captain Marvel 2’: What the New Release Date Could Mean For DCEU’s ‘The Flash’

Marvel recently decided to delay all of its upcoming projects due to the coronavirus pandemic, a move that might negatively affect the premiere of the DCEU’s The Flash. With the release dates of Phase 4 films pushed back by several months, Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel 2 is now due to hit theaters in the summer of 2022. This coincides with the scheduled premiere of The Flash, which might cause DC to issue a delay of its own.

Captain Marvel Brie Larson
Captain Marvel Brie Larson | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

‘The Flash’ off to a rocky start

DC has wanted to bring the iconic speedster to the big screens for several years, but all of the studio’s previous attempts have fizzled out. Last year seemed to be a turning point after DC hired Andy Muschietti to helm the project.

DC also announced that The Flash would premiere in theaters in July of 2022, with filming set to kick off this year.


Those plans, of course, were completely de-railed after the coronavirus pandemic single-handedly shut down the economy — and caused rival Marvel to push back their entire Phase 4. Needless to say, production on The Flash has been postponed until after the pandemic is under control.

Ezra Miller was going to reprise his role as Barry Allen, a.k.a. The Flash, after his appearance as the character in Justice League. But even his involvement in the upcoming project is now in question.

Fans want DC to replace Ezra Miller

Miller found himself in the hot seat after a video surfaced of him choking a woman to the ground. The short clip is very confusing as it appears like the actor and the woman are joking.

But upon further inspection, We Got This Covered reports that some of the parties involved have confirmed that the altercation was serious in nature. This has sparked some concern from worried DC fans, who have started an online petition to replace Miller in The Flash.


The online petition has not garnered many signatures, though the video is fairly new and has yet to gain a lot of mainstream momentum. If that changes, there is a chance that DC will part ways will Miller.

Captain Marvel herself Brie Larson recently found herself battling certain Marvel fans that wanted her to be replaced for the sequel, although their reasons where much different that Millers.

DC has not commented on the video or Miller’s future in the DCEU. The actor is also slated to appear in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts 3.

How will ‘Captain Marvel 2’ affect ‘The Flash’?

As if that is not bad enough, The Flash might suffer further delays related to the changes in Marvel’s lineup. Marvel recently confirmed that its next film, Black Widow, has been pushed back to November, a time slot that the studio originally preserved for The Eternals.

Although fans struggled with the news, Marvel finally confirmed when Captain Marvel 2 will open in theaters. Fans will get to see the highly anticipated sequel in July of 2022. The only problem is that the movie now premieres in the same month as The Flash.

An inside source told We Got This Covered, that DC is thinking about delaying The Flash by a few months to avoid releasing it at the same time as Captain Marvel 2.

Considering how Captain Marvel was a huge success for Marvel and earned over a billion dollars at the box office, it makes sense that DC would push back the premiere of The Flash.

Marvel will introduce a new character in ‘Captain Marvel 2’ post-credits scene

With Captain Marvel 2 still a year away from production, Marvel has not revealed much about the project. Fans have been theorizing about potential storylines, including the idea that the studio will use the film to introduce the Fantastic Four.

Marvel has already confirmed that the Fantastic Four will join the MCU at some point, and an inside source told We Got This Covered that the group of superheroes will be introduced during a post-credits scene for Captain Marvel 2.

The insider says that the Captain Marvel 2 scene will take viewers to the Quantum Realm, where the Fantastic Four have been trapped for years. This will set up an appearance from the characters in a future film, possibly even their own stand-alone project.