‘Captain Marvel 2’: Why Fans Are Relieved After Marvel Announced 1 Major Change

The criticisms of the MCU’s Captain Marvel and Brie Larson in the role were a bit maddening for those who want more women superheroes on the big screen. While it became a box office hit, far too many Marvel fans went after Larson and the creative team for going in different creative directions.

In some minds, the real problem wasn’t due to Larson’s performance and more the narrative of this origin film. It took place mostly in the past to set up Carol Danvers’ transition into being a female version of Superman with great cosmic powers exceeding any other Avengers superhero.

According to recent reports, the sequel is going to have a different group of creatives, meaning some changes in how it’s structured. Fans on social media seem relieved based on wanting to see Captain Marvel in a modern setting.

Did the first film just have too many writers?

Brie Larson on the red carpet
Brie Larson | Tommaso Boddi/WireImage

Films that have more than two writers are often ribbed in the industry, mostly because those movies often turn out lesser with more writers involved. No doubt the reason behind that is when the writing process occurs, the bank of writers may not even be in the same room when working together. Instead, they might share notes digitally, or even through emails.

This might be the literal equivalent of not being on the same page. Maybe it’s no wonder Marvel hired a different set of writers for Captain Marvel 2. Reports are, Megan McDonnell will be the new and sole writer. She’s currently a staff writer for Disney+’s upcoming WandaVision.

Newcomer McDonnell must have impressed Marvel and Disney with a pitch for a Captain Marvel sequel. What’s so great about it is that it’s still going to be directed by a woman. Other reports say Marvel/Disney wants the entire production to be centered around women.

For those who’ve forgotten, the first film had the credit of six writers, not including original directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck.

The sequel will be set in the modern Marvel universe

Even though Carol Danvers was seen in Endgame, she was far from the initial focus of the movie. In her origin story, it took place entirely in the 1990s, giving it a bit of a retro vibe some fans didn’t think quite felt right.

Most fans on Reddit have been writing about how important it is to see Carol in the modern setting of Marvel. Otherwise, she might start to look disconnected from the stories going on in the present time, particularly those seen in the future Disney+ shows.

A few other Marvel fans also still think the first film as a whole lacked any personality or charm. No one should blame Larson for this because Carol’s half-Kree lineage meant she didn’t express emotions, much like a Vulcan.

Placing this in the proper context makes for a more interesting story that should be explored in depth for the sequel. How it applies to her and the other Avengers team after the events of Endgame is likely the central goal.

A woman as a superhero should be explored more in depth

Having an entire production team with women should give a new spin on Captain Marvel this time. One could argue having a man and woman directing the first movie created as much conflict as Carol Danvers’ battle with herself between Kree and human emotions.

Utilizing this element alone would be a great starting place in exploring issues a woman would face being a superhero with extraordinary abilities. Part of this might include dealing with public reactions to her as a woman and finding her place/purpose in the world.

A lot of the Avengers will likely go through existential crises in the aftermath of Endgame. If maybe not fun for the characters, it’s going to mean some interesting character studies. Carol Danvers will likely be part of this while presumably exploring issues women find relevant to the times.