‘Captain Marvel’ Star Brie Larson Says Jennifer Lawrence Gave Her Advice About Post-Oscar Blues

Brie Larson won an Academy Award in 2016 for her performance in the 2015 movie Room. Since the Oscars, Larson’s career continues to blow up. She directed and produced Unicorn Store. Then, she portrayed Captain Marvel in her own film and Avengers: Endgame. In a recent interview, Larson admits she felt a letdown after she won. It was fellow Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence who helped her recover.

Brie Larson holding her Oscar
Brie Larson | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Larson was a guest on the Anna Faris is Unqualified podcast on March 15. She discussed her Oscar win and the advice Lawrence gave her in solidarity. 

For Brie Larson, Awards season didn’t end after Oscar night

The whole season leading up to Oscars is a whirlwind for nominees. After she won, Larson had to return to production on Kong: Skull Island.

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“I remember the morning after the Oscars, I felt really weird,” Larson told Faris. “I just felt confused. First of all, I woke up in Vietnam which was very confusing, in a place I didn’t know where I was. I got on planes and things but I basically won and partied all night and did a talk show that morning having not slept. Then went from there to the airport and had three flights to go to Vietnam, and it was night through a lot of it. So I was driven hours into a very rural part of Vietnam to continue shooting a film I was doing.”

Brie Larson left Hollywood after winning her Oscar

Not only was Kong: Skull Island an intense way to go back to work after winning an Oscar, but it was remote enough to take her away from Hollywood.

Oscar winner Brie Larson on stage accepting her award
Brie Larson | Mark Ralston/AFP via Getty Images

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I woke up, I had no cell service, no wifi, nothing, in a place I legitimately didn’t know where I was, and was thrust into this action movie where they were covering me in dirt. It was very good. Was that fun? It’s over. It took a little bit to even have cell service to be able to contact anybody. My cell service was like an old phone, one of those little Nokia phones, so I didn’t have a smartphone to look at Twitter and connect to any sort of reality. So I was like did that even happen? Did that actually happen? I was at work where people were like, ‘Here are your lines, congratulations, but we have stuff to do today.’ So I was like did that happen or was that a dream?

Brie Larson, Anna Faris is Unqualified podcast, 3/15/21

What Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence told her

One of the first calls Larson made when she was able to was to Lawrence. She shared her feelings and it turned out they are very common among Oscar winners.

“When I finally was able to get cell service, I talked to Jennifer Lawrence about it,” Larson said. “I said, ‘I feel sort of down. I feel confused. It feels heavy like now I’m this person that has this thing.’ She was like, ‘Oh yeah, just think of it like getting your Ph.D. You can still screw up. You can still make a bad movie, still be a bad actor. It doesn’t mean you’re immune to anything. It’s just like this thing happened.’”

Jennifer Lawrence holding her Oscar
Jennifer Lawrence | Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images

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Lawrence’s wisdom was just what Larson needed to hear.

“That helped me immensely to freement of like okay, it’s both,” Larson said. “Yes, it’s an honor. It’s this incredible thing, it’s the highest compliment I can receive. At the same time, I’m still going to try to do the best work ever and hope that that’s not the best work I’ve ever done and there’s more to come.”

Source: Anna Faris is Unqualified podcast