Captain Sandy from ‘Below Deck Med’ Has a Message for Voters

Today is voting day and as a new Denver, Colorado resident, Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean voted and also had a message for voters.

Andy Cohen and Captain Sandy Yawn
Andy Cohen and Captain Sandy Yawn |Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

She shared an impassioned video to her Instagram story about not only why you should vote but she wanted to remind people to vote for representatives who have their home city at heart. According to CBS Denver, voters in Colorado had two big issues to consider. One issue would legalize sports gambling in mountain casino towns. Profits would help fund water projects in Colorado. The other issue addressed the use of taxpayer dollars.

Yawn discussed the issues that were on her mind about the election. She also urged voters to make sure they voted for the person who had their community at heart. Plus, should she run for office?

Choose the politician who works for your city

Yawn said she loves her new home state and city. She urged voters to choose the politician that works for their city. “Just the short time I’ve been here, it’s an amazing city with great people,” she said. “However, I think you should choose your politician that works for your city. The bridge that collapsed … come on, who is in charge of that?”

Yawn didn’t add any specifics. However, this summer The Denver Post reported that “the highway from Boulder to Denver is collapsing at a bridge approach 45 feet above ground, concrete slumping away off a widening chasm as fast as an inch per hour with a 5-foot drop over the weekend.”

She continued. “I always say the fish stinks at the head. And if I was always crashing the boat, or going through personnel, or not being mindful of my client. The way I look at it is you’re the client for the politician.”

Yawn reminds people that their vote counts. “You are the reason they are in office. They need to serve you and your city. What’s with this ugly construction that is going on? It’s terrible.”

She’s passionate about this issue

She said, “When I drive down Downing Street, I’m like, ‘Wow these are beautiful homes. They have character.’ When I go over to Parker, and I drive in that area. Or I go on some of these streets, the buildings they are thrown together. They’re ugly. It’s terrible.”

Yawn says voters have the power to make a change. “Stop them! Stop them. Pass your law. Get your law turned around. What’s this law that was passed in 2015 about how they only have to do your main floor is concrete and the rest is wood? Is it fire-rated? That’s what I want to know as a captain.”

Also, “And … it’s your city. So choose the person who is going to represent your city. Anyway, that’s my advice. Maybe I should run?” She adds that she loves Colorado and Denver. Plus she loves the Broncos and Avalanche. “I love them all and I love Leah [Shafer].” Yawn relocated to Denver to be closer to Shafer months ago. Yawn also wanted fans to know that Shafer is recording two new songs this month too.