Captain Sandy from ‘Below Deck Med’ Hilariously Calls Girlfriend Leah Shafer’s Bag ‘the Black Hole’ of Hotel Room Keys

Traveling can be a little disorienting. But when you keep losing your hotel room key like Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean and Leah Shafer, you start to wonder what is going on.

The couple traveled from their Denver, Colorado home base to New York City for several media appearances leading up to Pride Day on Sunday, June 30. Yawn’s heavily anticipated appearance on the Bravo float is making serious waves. Since going public with her relationship with Shafer, Yawn has reached icon status as her fan base has exploded.

Captain Sandy Yawn and Leah Shafer | Photo courtesy of Leah Shafer

But even icons encounter the same travel headaches as the rest of us. Yawn and Shafer hilariously shared on Instagram about not one, but two instances where they got locked out of their hotel room. And Yawn now knows what it is to blame.

Just chilling in the hallway

What happens when you can’t find your room key? Perhaps some people would race down to the front desk to retrieve another. Not these two. Yawn filmed the couple casually hanging outside their room to enjoy some egg white bites before figuring out how to get back in their room.

“You don’t want to sit on the floor with me,” Yawn queries from the floor as Shafer is blissed out eating her egg white bites. “What happened Leah?” Shafer hilariously says to Yawn as she leans down, “You forgot the key.”

Yawn seems tickled by this as she asks the love of her life why she is so hot. Meanwhile, Shafer is all about her breakfast as the women wait. Yawn posted, “This is so funny! She forgot the key! 😂😂 not me! 😬 egg white bites and cafe outside our hotel room!”  

But then it happens again!

The women sense there is a pattern as the hotel room key goes missing yet again. This time it was Shafer who posted a video. “With my love @captainsandrayawn,” she wrote. “Once again, our room key was lost!!! Somewhere in my bag! Sooo, after removing all contents, that I must have, low and behold the key was found!! Hahaha what is it about us and room keys hah.”  

She dumps her bag onto the floor, revealing the endless items. The women hilariously commented on how they were distracted by their glittery (and gorgeous) kicks, plus Yawn is panning over the many items from Shafer’s bag. This includes hair products, an energy bar, and even cards. You really never know when you need to strike up a rousing card game on the go.

Yawn may have identified why the elusive key continues to go missing. “The black hole! I can’t! So freaking funny! 😂 #Repost @leahshaferofficial Now you know who left the key!” Yawn wrote and reposted Shafer’s video. Shafer’s gorgeous Louis Vuitton bag can hold a serious amount of stuff. In fact, a puppy could travel quite comfortably in her bag.

One fan wrote, “That is NOT a black hole- it is a carpet bag and Mary Poppins has one. One day when you least expect you will need a lamp and this woman will be able to provide you with one!! I’m with you, Leah! Us “carpet bag ladies” need to stick together!!”