Captain Sandy from ‘Below Deck Med’ Reveals How Gross Crew Cabins Can Be

Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean has a reputation for being a pretty fearless leader. But she recently performs one duty that would make even the bravest person think twice about doing.

Armed with goggles and a blacklight, Yawn does a full below deck yacht inspection. Cameras caught the level of disarray the vessel was left in by the previous crew. From messy quarters to moldy leftover food, the new Sirocco team had their cleanup work cut out for them.

Anastasia Surmava |Photo by Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Time was the essence to prepare the boat for guests. So the interior and exterior teams had to rally and prepare the superyacht for guests in only a matter of hours. How’d they do? And who had the best and worst cabins?

Which crew member wins for ‘most products?’

Not a surprise, chief stew Hannah Ferrier’s cabin is packed with makeup and plenty of hair products. “Let’s go check out Hannah’s cabin,” Yawn says with delight. She admits while the cabin was pretty cluttered, Ferrier’s space is clean. From the cabinets to the sheets–clean. Which is a great quality considering Ferrier is in charge of the interior.

However, stew Anastasia Surmava’s top bunk showed a mysterious splatter on the ceiling. “Those are handprints,” Yawn says. “Is someone holding on for dear life?”

When Yawn hits the bathroom, she is met with what could only be equated to an entire product offering from Sephora. “You know one needs about five different products to wash your hair,” Yawn jokes. “And six different conditioners.” Yawn says this cabin is one of the worst.

Pee everywhere? Seriously?

Yawn considered this cabin to be one of the grosser dwellings on the yacht. She inspects chef Mila Kolomeitseva and stew Aesha Scott’s cabin. And finds a tremendous amount of “splatters.” Eww.

Yawn examines the ceiling above the top bunk. “Major splatter pattern,” she observes. She says the splatters could be a result of a “sneeze or a squeeze.” She’s going with the sneeze.

But the bathroom is epic. “I definitely need a hazmat suit for this one,” she warns the camera crew. “Men had lived here because there is man pee everywhere.” The blacklight catches urine stains streaming down the toilet. Splatters are even found on the cabinet. Gag.

Their bunk is clean but…

It probably isn’t shocking that deckhand Colin Macy-O’Toole and bosun João Franco’s bunk is clean as a whistle. “This must be Colin’s bunk,” Yawn says. She sees no evidence of, well, anything. While she expressed concern before checking Franco’s bunk, she also finds nothing.

But then off to the bathroom. “Oh my God,” Yawn exclaims. “That’s man pee,” she says flooding the room with blacklight. “That’s a stream of pee right there.” She adds that she is so freaked out. Yawn rates the cabin as the best but the bathroom she gives it a three out of five.

You need to shower after you get out of the shower

When Yawn finally checks deckhands Jack Stirrup and Travis Michalzik’s bunk, she knows she’s in for an interesting encounter. On the top bunk she spies something “interesting” (maybe something kinky)?

But when she kills the light, the blacklight shows the cabin is covered in splatters. “There’s something going on in this cabin,” she concludes. The light switch is covered in splatters too.

Yawn heads to the bathroom. “I think Jack gets his action in here,” she determines. “Splatter pattern everywhere.” After checking the shower she hilariously says, “You need a shower after you get out of the shower.”

Yawn likely needs a long hot shower after all these inspections. Check out Below Deck Mediterranean on Bravo every Monday at 9/8c.