Captain Sandy from ‘Below Deck’ Shares How She Stays Fit and Healthy

Captain Sandy Yawn Twitter

By now, those well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions may have been kicked to the curb. However, if you need some inspiration to get back on track, check out how Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean stays healthy and fit. Her no-nonsense approach to health and wellness allows her to stay in great shape on land or at sea, plus she shares one of her biggest beauty insights with The Cheat Sheet.

The super fit captain revealed that like many people, she’s battled with her weight in the past. “I was pudgy when I was younger and could gain weight because I like sugar. I had Fruit Loops today,” Yawn laughed. “However, I get the smaller boxes where it’s just like a cup. I don’t eat like a whole bowl.”Knowing that sugar was a vice, Yawn said she adjusts her way of eating and stays physically active. What are some of her secrets to staying fit and healthy?

This is the big reason she embraces fitness

Yawn says that staying fit extends beyond being physically strong. “I make sure I exercise because it keeps me mentally healthy,” Yawn discloses. Her favorite way to stay active is through fitness classes. “I’m a class person because I like the whole energy of the class.”

Her main class of choice right now is Soul Cycle. “The reason I go to Soul Cycle is for a few reasons,” Yawn says. “Soul Cycle is very mental. Soul Cycle has a formula to how they talk to you. That 45-minute class is for you. You know how you may be stressed or have a lot on your mind?  When you go to Soul Cycle, the way they talk to you and the music they play…when you walk out you are on such an endorphin high that you feel you can conquer anything.” Yawn is thinking about adding a boxing class to her workout routine too.

This is her favorite elixir

When asked how she achieves her youthful appearance, Yawn said it came down to this one thing. “I drink a lot of water,” she reveals. “And, honestly, I don’t drink alcohol and that’s a big part of it.”

She admits to not having an expensive skin care routine. But instead, being hydrated helps give her skin a healthy glow. “I also think healthy skin has a lot to do with not drinking alcohol,” Yawn says. “For my routine, I clean my face at night and use a scrub. Then I put lotion on. In the morning I wash my face and always use sunscreen.”

Be present in your life

Yawn says having a positive attitude influences you on the inside and outside. “Even if you are exhausted, show up for others,” she says. “Showing up and being there for others is a fit thing. Because it is not just physical, it’s also mental.”

She was also surprised at how beneficial mediation was when she tried it with a friend. “If you are spiritual, do something on a meditative level. I don’t usually meditate, but my friend came to visit who was a big meditator. So we meditated every day she was here and I felt like I had more energy.”

Yawn adds don’t forget to have fun. “Do something that’s playful. I like to waterski,” she says. Yawn often posts fun outings with friends or trying to mix music at home.

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