Cardi B Admits She Doesn’t Really Have Celebrity Friends Except for This Person

While Cardi B may have recently thrown herself a star-studded birthday party to celebrate a new age, it seems that the rapper doesn’t really feel super connected to that many people in the entertainment industry. With the rapper’s celebrity status, many people assumed that she must’ve formed close connections with others in her field, especially since she’s collaborated with a plethora of famous people in the music industry. But recently, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper admitted that there’s really only one celebrity that she’s good friends with.

Cardi B age 27
Cardi B | Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

But how did this admittance even come about? It all started when Cardi B hopped on Twitter to ask her 15.4 million followers for some advice. “Should I spend 88K for this da*n purse?” the rapper questioned. “Omggg it’s tempting.” While some fans were eager to weigh in on Cardi B’s fashion dilemma, others found it in extremely poor taste.

Cardi B is accused of flaunting her net worth

Tons of people felt that Cardi B failed to “read the room”, especially in this day and age. Considering that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has left millions of people out of work and/or struggling financially, lots of people felt that Cardi B should’ve kept her query to herself. Plenty of people accused the “Press” artist of flaunting her wealth and encouraged her to donate her money to help others rather than spending it on a purse. Other people urged the New York native to grow up and start acting her age.

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Upon seeing the criticism, Cardi B began defending her tweet. She began posting screenshots of articles detailing the money that she’s donated in the past few months including $1 million to coronavirus relief and $1 million to her fans of all ages via cash app.

Cardi B defends herself on Twitter after a controversial tweet

“Also I got 7 uncles an [sic] 3 aunts on my daddy side, 9 aunts and 3 uncles on my momma side a whole bunch of cousins I had to help cause of the pandemic ….If I want to splurge I can with out [sic] yall [sic] asking for hand outs like me and my husband don’t do so. Thank you,” Cardi B wrote on Twitter in response to the backlash.

Still, some people weren’t impressed with Cardi B’s responses to the backlash. They shared that wasn’t that she wanted to spend her money on a bag, but rather that she had not read the room and that she was asking regular people (many of whom were struggling financially) to weigh in on a frivolous purchase.

The ‘WAP’ artist admits that she doesn’t have any celebrity friends

“The issue is you should went to your celeb CH or groupchat or whatever y’all rich ppl be doing to ask that obtuse a*s question,” one person wrote to Cardi B. “Not here amongst real people w real problems who can’t even conceptualize 88k at this time.”

Cardi B quickly fired back that she didn’t have celebrity friends with the exception of her husband, Offset, who is also a rapper. “The issue is I really don’t have celeb friends,” the “WAP” singer responded. “My only celeb friend is my hubby. My real fans be giving me advice & I mostly go by with it. It’s not my fault BARDIGANG are my friends. I’m on Twitter for THEM not for YOU!”

Clearly, Cardi B feels a closer kinship to her fans than lots of other celebrities. Personally, we think it could be beneficial for her to have some friends in the industry who can understand her mentality. But we’re sure that plenty of the rapper’s fans are more than happy to weigh in on her purse purchases.