Cardi B Just Dragged a Fan Who Criticized Her for Allowing Kulture to Use a Pacifier

Cardi B is known for her music, her lavish style, and being a fun mom. The “Money” rapper dotes on her almost-two-year-old daughter Kulture, and even shares moments from their lives on social media. From sharing hilarious photos and anecdotes about Kulture to buying her stunning gifts and outfits, being a mom is clearly something Cardi loves.

The Bronx-born rapper shares the adorable baby girl with her husband, Migos rapper, Offset. Cardi did not announce her pregnancy with Kulture until shortly before the little one’s birth on July 11, 2018.

Cardi has said that she always wanted to be a mother, but she was nervous about sharing Kulture with the public because of negativity and hatred. Now, after a fan criticized Kulture for her use of a pacifier, Cardi clapped back.

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Kulture already has the best personality

While Cardi has a loud and outgoing personality, Kulture appears to be much more reserved like her dad. Recently, Cardi shared a video of herself screaming Kulture’s name in an effort to get the little girl’s attention.

Kulture, apparently, had better things to do. Instead of responding to her mother’s calls, she simply ignored Cardi and continued looking at her tablet and being bothered while sucking on her pacifier.

Cardi’s fans lived for the display. “Kulture is so over Cardi and her antics,” one fan said. Still, Kulture adores her mama, Cardi later shared that Kulture was being a ham for the camera. “And guess who made me get out the shower, thirty minutes later after this live with soap on me just to tuck her in and cuddle her to sleep? Yes Miss Kulture,” Cardi said.  

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Cardi B loves to show off Kulture on social media

From mommy and me Burberry matching outfits to Kulture lavish birthday celebrations and expensive gifts, it’s clear that Cardi loves showing off her baby girl on social media.

She’s also shared adorable photos of Kulture in a cowboy outfit, giving her kisses, crashing photos, and even baking cookies with her aunts. Unfortunately, not everyone is so positive about all the good vibes Cardi is putting out when sharing Kulture.

Cardi B Clapped Back at Trol
Cardi B Clapped Back at Troll | Twitter

Cardi B clapped back at a fan who criticized Kuturle’s use of a pacifier

Like many small children, Kulture still uses a pacifier. One Twitter user mom-shamed Cardi B saying, “How old is Cardi’s daughter? And she still sucks on a damn pacifier smh.”

In true Cardi fashion, the “Press” rapper clapped back using NSFW language. She said, “Your mom probably old enough to not have teeth and she still suckin d*** right? Have a kid first and raise them your f****** self.” Though Cardi wasn’t tagged in the user’s post she obviously was alerted about it because of the Bardi Gang. Disagreeing with people is perfectly fine, but when you bring someone’s child into things, you shouldn’t expect a kind response.

Since then, Cardi has carried on living her best life while sharing an indulgent 6 a.m. meal of crab legs on her Instagram stories.