Cardi B Reacts to Critic Who Said Her Daughter, Kulture, Doesn’t Like Her

Cardi B quickly became a superstar with her over-the-top personality and catchy music, but one thing she doesn’t play about is her daughter, Kulture Cephus. Cardi B and her husband Offset welcomed their daughter into the world back in July 2018. Since then, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper has been open about how much she enjoys being a mother. Furthermore, she’s quick to slam anyone who says negative things about her parenting skills.

Kulture daughter of Cardi B
Kulture and Cardi B | Johnny Nunez/WireImage

According to Cardi B’s sister, Hennessy Carolina, being a mother was something that the rapper always wanted to do. Thus, the “Finesse” singer doesn’t take kindly to anyone badmouthing how she chooses to be a mom. In fact, Cardi B made the decision to shield her daughter from the public eye for the first several months of her life in order to protect her. As Cardi B is incredibly famous, she is subjected to intense criticism and scrutiny on a daily basis. Naturally, the 27-year-old didn’t want that negativity to reach Kulture.

Cardi B shows off her daughter, Kulture, on Instagram live

Now, however, as Kulture approaches her 2nd birthday, Cardi B is a bit more open in terms of sharing her daughter with her fans. The Bronx native’s Instagram feed occasionally boasts pictures and videos of a happy and healthy Kulture. Recently, the rapper even gave fans a special treat and she went live and managed to show off Kulture’s hilarious personality. In the live, Cardi B repeatedly screams her daughter’s name to get her attention. But, instead of paying her mother any mind, Kuture ignores her and continues playing with her tablet and sucking on her pacifier.

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Of course, the Internet went crazy over the video and Kulture even began trending on Twitter. “Kulture is so over Cardi and her antics,” one person tweeted using the crying laughing emojis. It wasn’t long before that particular tweet caught Cardi B’s eye and she took to her own Twitter to respond. “And guess who made me get out the shower, thirty minutes later after this live with soap on me just to tuck her in and cuddle her to sleep? Yes Miss Kulture,” the 27-year-old shared about her daughter.

Fans react to the video on Twitter

But, not all of the tweets were playful and positive. In fact, some people used the hilarious video as “proof” that Cardi B’s daughter didn’t care for her mother. “Kulture don’t like her momma and that’s the funniest part every video she be ignoring tf outta all that screaming,” one person declared. Again, the tweet caught the rapper’s eye and she chose to react to the statement.

Taking to her Twitter feed once more, the rapper retweeted the statement that her daughter didn’t like her. “Loud and wrong,” Cardi B clapped back in her caption. She also posted an additional video of Kulture giving her a kiss on the lips. Fans, of course, felt that the new video was sweet and they began demanding even more footage of the toddler. Others encouraged Cardi B to ignore the naysayers. We doubt that the latter will happen anytime soon, but we can understand why the rapper might feel compelled to defend herself when it comes to her daughter.