Cardi B Updated Her Massive Leg Tattoo and It’s Stunning

Like many of us, Cardi B is trying to make the best of her downtime amid the coronavirus (COVID-19). Though the city of Atlanta, where the rapper currently lives has been open for weeks, the Bronx native hasn’t been able to travel anywhere or get back to performing.

As a result, Cardi has been spending time with her family, including her husband, Migos rapper Offset and her baby daughter, Kulture. In addition to trying out new recipes and playing games, Cardi is using her wide open schedule to get some major ink done.

The Invasion of Privacy rapper just had a massive back tattoo completed. Now, she’s updated her infamous peacock tattoo that graces her thigh and leg. The result is dazzling.

Cardi B has more than a couple of tattoos

Cardi is no stranger to tattoo. Though the tats on her back and thigh are huge colorful displays of art, she has much smaller ink sprinkled around her body. In total, the “Money” lyricist has about eight tattoos.

They include her husband’s name “Offset” inked on the back of her knee,  a bunch of roses on the left side of her body, a tattoo of a cheetah inked on her right hip, and some other written ink.

Cardi has her sister’s name Hennesy inked with black shaded roses, the words “Loyalty Over Royalty” written on her arm, and the name Samuel inked on her neck. She also has the American Sign Language symbol for “I Love You” tattooed behind her right ear.

Inside Cardi B’s new gorgeous back tattoo

Before she upgraded the massive peacock on her leg, Cardi’s latest tat was a slew of large colorful flowers and a butterfly. The ink was done by celebrity tattoo artist Jamie Schene of Union 3 Tattoo. It appears that Cardi had been working on the ink since before quarantine, but the shutdown slowed down her progress.

The colorful display of different flowers, a butterfly and a hummingbird go from the top of Cardi’s back to the middle of her thigh.


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Cardi B just upgraded the massive tattoo in her thigh and leg

Since the world won’t go back to normal anytime soon, Cardi decided to give her peacock tattoo a massive update. She called on Schene again to revamp the ink.  “So after ten years, I gave my peacock tattoo a makeover,” she wrote. “This whole week I been takin hours of pain getting tatted.”

The rapper shared a side-by-side before and after photo, and the upgrade is dazzling. Schene added a ton more detail to the original ink, enhancing the birds, feathers, and adding more flowers and butterflies. Along with her back tat, the ink feels like a cohesive piece.

Schene shared on his own Instagram that it took him a total of seven days to complete.  “I gave Cardi’s peacock a makeover! Thanks for the trust, @iamcardib. Your strength and determination is inspiring,” he wrote. “Getting tattooed for 7 days in a row is no joke.”