Cardi B’s New Piercings Were Shockingly Painful

Cardi B is used to a fast-paced schedule. Before the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, she was constantly on the road, traveling, performing, and making various appearances. Like the rest of the world, when the virus began spreading across the world, Cardi’s life came to a screeching halt.

The “Money” rapper returned home to Atlanta to hunker down with her husband, rapper Offset and their baby daughter Kulture. Now that the majority of the country is opening back up, the Invasion of Privacy rapper is slowly getting back into the swing of things.

Though she will not be performing anytime soon, Cardi has spent her downtime getting some touch-ups on her body art. She just finished getting a massive and gloriously vibrant tattoo inked on her back. She also updated her infamous peacock tattoo which runs down her thigh and leg. However, her latest body art, three new piercings, were super painful.

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Cardi B has some stunning new tattoos

Cardi is no stranger to body ink. She has a ton of tattoos sprinkled across her body. However, her most recent tattoos are literal works of art. The Bronx-born rapper commissioned celebrity tattoo artist Jamie Schene of Union 3 Tattoo for a massive display of blooming flowers, a hummingbird, and butterflies that are sprawled across her back and spiral down her leg.

The tattoo took over 60 hours and was done over several months with Schene following the rapper across the country. The process was stalled when COVID-19 hit, so it was only recently completed.

Schene also upgraded Cardi’s leg and thigh tattoo. “So after ten years, I gave my peacock tattoo a makeover,” she wrote. “This whole week I been takin hours of pain getting tatted.” The rapper sat for seven days in a row so that Schene could overhaul the peacock tattoo with more detail and color.

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The finale

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Cardi B got three new piercings

With her new ink completed, Cardi decided she also wanted to indulge in some new piercings. The rapper added two new dermal piercings to the one she already has on her chest to create a vertical line. None of these piercings are traditional since there is no exit point and they literally punch a hole right in the skin. She also redid her labret piercing, which is a piercing that sits right under the bottom lip.

Cardi shared several videos of the process on her Instagram and it all looked extremely painful, especially as the artist put the jewelry in.

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This bitch hurt I forgot how it felt

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Cardi B screamed in pain as she got pierced

With the number of tattoos that she has, it’s clear that Cardi has a relatively high pain tolerance. However, these new piercings almost sent her over the edge.

In the videos she shared on Instagram, she can be seen clutching Offset’s hand as the holes were punched into her skin. At one point she flinches before yelling out, “That one hurt.”

Still, the rapper is clearly enjoying her results. She showcased all three of her new piercings in a separate video saying that she needed to remove the oldest one. “I got to take this one off because this one is old,” she said. You all know I’ve been having this one for a long time, but whatever.”