Does Cardi B Have A Secret Instagram Account?

In 2015, when Cardi B stepped onto the scene in the sixth season of Love & Hip-Hop: New York, nothing was ever the same. Fans were fascinated by the Bronx-born aspiring rapper’s outlandish personality and antics. She was loud, vibrant, and when she stepped into the room, all eyes were on her.

From the reality show, Cardi established a national name for herself, releasing a massive single, “Bodack Yellow” and launching herself into the rap game. The rest is history. From her Grammy-Award winning debut album, Invasion of Privacy to her public feud with fellow rapper, Nicki Minaj and her marriage to Migos rapper, Offset, Cardi continues to make headlines.

Now, recent rumors of a Finsta, or a fake Instagram account means all eyes are on Cardi once again.

Cardi B is extremely transparent about all aspects of her life

While many celebrities are incredibly private about their past and current personal lives, Cardi is an open book. This trait makes her super endearing to press, fans, and fellow celebs. She’s spoken openly about her past as a stripper, saying that she doesn’t regret it and she had a ton of fun.

She also explained that her time dancing allowed her to become financially secure and leave an abusive relationship. Moreover, Cardi has also been super candid about getting plastic surgery. She’s been truthful about her liposuction and other enhancements.

The rapper has said openly that fame won’t make her become someone she’s not, nor will it muzzle her voice in any way.

This is why fans were convinced Cardi B had a Finsta

Despite her transparency, Cardi has often made headlines. Recently, new rumors spread that the rapper was behind a Finsta, or fake Instagram account that was throwing shade at other entertainers in the industry.

Apparently, this fake Instagram account was being used to bash female artists like Ariana Grande, Lil Kim, Meg Thee Stallion, and Doja Cat. For whatever reason, trolls hinted that the account was linked to Cardi which allowed the hashtags, “Cardi B Is Cancelled Party” and “Cardi B Is Over Party”  to begin trending.


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Cardi B doesn’t have a secret Instagram account

Cardi, who has never been afraid to speak her mind, hoped on the social media platform to give her two cents. In a 5-minute video called, “My Cancel Party Story” she addressed the rumors and revealed she does not have a Finsta.

 “Let me make this clear, I’m not a 15-year-old girl that does fake Instagrams that talk about celebrities,” she said in part. “I have a whole life, a whole kid. Just to f–kin feed my kid, it takes me about 35 minutes, an hour to bathe her and do her hair, then I gotta do my own f–kin thing. I don’t got time to do that sh-t.”

The “Money” rapper also addressed the real culprit behind the Finsta. “All along it was a white male behind that page,” Cardi claimed. “So it was like why, y’all did this ‘Cardi B is over party’ all over a lie? Can you believe the type of shit we [celebrities] gotta go through… Issues, lies and rumors spread about you for no f–kin reason,” she said, noting that the situation was “some bull-shit scandalous crap.”

We’re glad Cardi set the record straight.