Cardi B Spends Millions of Dollars on 1 Item She Can’t Use

Cardi B has a lot of money to throw around and makes no apologies about it. She spends hundreds of thousands of dollars per month maintaining her lifestyle, which includes a healthy budget of beauty products, jewelry, fashion, accessories, vacations, and way too many other luxuries to mention. The former reality star turned rapper is living the good life.

But one of Cardi B’s most notorious luxury splurges is quite peculiar if you think about it. Even though the “Bodak Yellow” artist has a penchant for the rarest, most enviable luxury cars in the world, she buys them with one major caveat: she can’t actually drive them.

Cardi B
Cardi B | Leon Bennett/WireImage

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Cardi B has an impressive car collection

From Jay Leno to Jerry Seinfeld, plenty of millionaire celebrities are known for their impressive car collections. And it would appear Cardi B is hoping to get in on that action based on her auto selections.

The interest comes courtesy of the rapper’s husband Offset, another car enthusiast. The pair began purchasing luxury vehicles as gifts for each other and even went so far as to get his and hers Lamborghini Aventadors, reported.

Besides her Lambo, Cardi B counts a few other gems among her collection, including an orange Mercedes G-Wagen, orange Bentley Bentayga, Lamborghini Urus, Mercedes Maybach, custom Rolls-Royce Wraith, a Chevy Suburban, Dodge Challenger Hellcat, McLaren 720S Spider, Lamborghini Huracan, Maserati Levante, Fiat 124 Spider, Ferrari Portofino, Alfa Romeo 4C, Maserati GranCabrio, Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, Fiat Abarth, Porsche Macan, Ferrari 488 GTB, Chevy Camaro, BMX X5, Mercedes AMG C 63, Audi R8, and Bentley Mulsanne — to name a few.

The singer can’t drive any of her cars

Most celebrity car collectors delight in taking their treasured vehicles out for a ride. But in Cardi B’s case, that’s simply not possible. The 27-year-old entertainer doesn’t have a driver’s license and therefore isn’t allowed to drive her many, many cars.

Fans speculate it’s because Cardi grew up in New York City and like so many other residents, mostly relied on public transportation. But she’s never revealed why she never applied for her license since moving out of NYC.

When asked why she had so many cars if she couldn’t drive, Cardi B said, “to take pictures with, of course.”

Cardi B proved she’s a terrible driver on ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Even though the “I Like It” crooner doesn’t technically have a driver’s license, she did get behind the wheel during an appearance on James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke.” But her attempt at driving did not go well. During the segment, Cardi B ran over flags and traffic cones plus plowed into a camera. Thankfully, no one was injured and everyone got a good laugh out of it.

It was a lot wiser to try out her driving skills in that vehicle compared to one of her priceless exotic cars anyway. Before Cardi B test drives one of her Lambos, she’ll need a few more hours of driving practice.

Or maybe not. After all, she seems content enough taking photos next to the cars, not drive them. To each her own.