Cardi B’s Guilty Pleasure Is Both Hilarious and Nasty

Cardi B is an outspoken rapper who is known for saying what’s on her mind and performing with her own unique style while proudly representing her home neighborhood in the Bronx. Recently, the artist did a video interview with Vogue where she answered 73 rapid-fire questions in her grandmother’s apartment while holding her sleeping daughter, Kulture. 

She revealed a lot about her influences, dislikes, and personal preferences. She also revealed her guilty pleasure, and it’s amusing . . . and a little gross. Read on to find out what it is. 

Cardi B feels good about her public persona

Cardi B in front of a beige background
Cardi B | Getty Images

The interviewer asked Cardi B how she felt about her public reputation as someone who was a little wild and had no filter. She responded that she “feels good” about that reputation because it’s who she is. She has always been open about her life with fans—even when it was shocking. 

For instance, the rapper took to Instagram live to share with fans that she used to take men looking to sleep with her back to hotel rooms to drug and rob them. When she caught some criticism for the comments, she was quick to turn it around and point to the hypocrisy in the hip hop world as well as the gender stereotypes.

While she doesn’t suggest what she did was right, she makes it seem like she did what she had to do and would be willing to do it again if it was warranted. As she says in the Vogue interview, she believes “if you can survive in the Bronx, you can survive anywhere.” 

Cardi B doubled down on her antics when it came to wooing her husband

Cardi B is married to rapper Offset, the father of her daughter Kulture. In another revealing moment of her wild personality, Cardi B opened up to fans about the lengths she went to impress Offset when they were first dating.

“I’m trying to impress him and everything, then I got my period,” said the rapper. Never one to be deterred by biology, she put together a homemade concoction of ibuprofen and gelatin — not recommended or medically approved — to stop her period. 

The pair have remained married despite some rough patches and a briefly reported separation. Evidence of their flourishing relationship can be found in a racy vacation photo that had everyone talking. 

Cardi B’s guilty pleasure is a little gross

The interview ranges in topics from serious to silly, and Cardi B answers each of them with confidence and her signature openness. When the interviewer asks her to reveal her guilty pleasure, she doesn’t even pause to think about it.

“My guilty pleasure is smelling my farts,” she says with a straight face.

The interviewer is clearly taken aback and chuckles for a moment while he regains composure to ask his next question. Meanwhile, Cardi B just sits there staring as if there was nothing odd about her response.

What is odd, though, is that Vogue chose to bleep out the word “farts” as if it was a curse word. It’s particularly funny to see this kind of pearl-clutching reaction when they’re interviewing a woman who has been boldly open about her past history as an exotic dancer and who raps about much more risque topics on a regular basis.

Whatever else people might say about Cardi B, they can’t suggest that she’s fake or stuck up. She tells the interviewer she wants to be known as the girl next door who made it, and it’s clear that her down-to-Earth persona is an important part of who she is and how she interacts with fans — even when she’s smelling her own farts.