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Carlin Bates is officially married. The 21-year-old Tennessee Native wed Evan Steward on May 25. The couple, who have known each other for about three years, regularly appear on Bringing Up Bates, the UPtv show that follows the supersized Bates family. While the ultra-conservative Christians seem like any other couple, their wedding was a bit different than standard; for starters it was taped for television. So, what was the affair really like?

How does an ultra-conservative wedding differ from a more mainstream one?

While the Bates family is primarily thought of as more mainstream and more relaxed then the Duggars, they do share the same faith. In fact, the two families are incredibly close, and the Bates family was first introduced to the world on the Duggar family’s TLC show. Their ultra-conservative faith means a few familiar wedding accouterments are missing.

The Bates family, as well as the Duggars absolutely do not consume alcohol. There is absolutely no alcohol served at these weddings, and Carlin and Evan’s wedding was no different. Traditionally, the Bates’ faith restricts dancing entirely, but Carlin went a bit more mainstream with her choices and had a first dance and a father-daughter dance at her wedding. Wedding guests, however, probably didn’t bust a move.

Carlin and Evan had a supersized wedding party

When you come from a supersized family that has deep roots in a small religious sect your probably not going to get away with having a small wedding party. Evan and Carlin, however, took it to the extreme. The bride had 17 people by her side when she married Evan. Her sister, Erin, served as one of two Matrons of Honor. Whitney Bates, who married Zach Bates in 2013, served as the second Matron of Honor.

Aside from Erin and Whitney, there were a few more familiar faces in the wedding party. Several of Carlin’s sisters served as bridesmaids. Joy-Anna Duggar was also in attendance as a bridesmaid. On Evan’s side, several of the Bates boys served as Groomsmen and Ushers. Justin Duggar also appeared at the altar as an usher, according to the couple’s official wedding website.

What are Carlin and Evan up to after their wedding?

The newlyweds jetted off on their honeymoon immediately following their Saturday nuptials. The pair will be spending time in Punta Cana before heading back to East Tennessee to set up their first home together.

Carlin and Evan are likely to add children to the family sooner rather than later, but for now, Evan will continue working with his family as a musician. Stewart, along with several of his siblings formed a musical group sometime around 2012. They travel the country and perform gospel music at churches.