What Is Carmen Electra’s Real Name?

Some celebrities have everyday names, while others have unique-sounding ones. It is not uncommon for a person to take on a stage name when they join the entertainment industry. Some fans may remember the time when NBA star Dennis Rodman became the husband of actor Carmen Electra. Electra had become a household name by appearing in Playboy and hit films like Epic Movie. To some, her name sounds like it matches her personality. Electra is not her real moniker but one that had gotten chosen for her. 

Carmen Electra smiling in front of a white background
Carmen Electra | Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Carmen Electra was born into a family of entertainers

Electra was born in Sharonville, Ohio, on April 20, 1972, according to The Famous People. One of the first things people may notice is Electra’s bright blue eyes. She has mixed ancestry, claiming to be of Irish and German descent. She grew up in a family of entertainers. Her father, Harry Patrick, was a guitarist, and her mother, Patricia Patrick, was a singer. Because of this, Electra learned how to dance at an early age. For a while, she trained under Gloria J. Simpson at Dance Artists studio until the age of 9. Electra later enrolled in the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati. 

In 1998, Electra got married to Dennis Rodman Las Vegas-style. Some people had seen the two partying together in the city. After their surprise wedding in a chapel, the couple was inseparable in the following days. However, their marriage did not last for long, and the divorce came months later. For a couple of years, Electra was married to guitarist Dave Navarro. She was in a relationship with Otep band member Rob Patterson for a while and even got engaged but never married. 

What is Carmen Electra’s net worth?

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In 1990, Electra began her career as a dancer in an amusement park called Kings Island. She made her singing debut three years later with a self-titled studio album. It would be the only album that the rising star would release. People may know Electra for her appearances in Playboy magazine. Her first nude photo in the magazine was in 1996. Playboy featured Electra four more times. Later, she moved to Los Angeles to transition into a career of acting. 

Electra’s first film was an independent comedy horror titled American Vampire in 1997. She has done multiple spoof flicks, such as Scary Movie and Meet the Spartans. The actor hosted Dance Fever for several episodes as well. She has obtained over 100 film and television credits. In 2018, Electra appeared in an episode of Alone Together. Currently, she has amassed a net worth of $8 million. 

What is Carmen Electra’s real name?

Like many other celebrities, Electra adopted a stage name to use instead of her real one. Her birth name is Tara Leigh Patrick. In Minnesota, she met famed singer Prince and had signed a deal with his record company. According to Yahoo! Entertainment, Prince was the one to suggest that she change her name. “I auditioned for an all girl group that he was putting together and he ended up signing me to his label Paisley Park,” Electra explained in an interview.

“After I danced for him he said, ‘You look like Electra. That should be your name.'” Prince likely was able to recognize the rising star’s electric personality and appeal. At first, Electra was unsure about her new moniker since it sounded like a superhero’s name. She was not sure if it was going to stick. Over time, she grew to like it and went on to have a successful career as Electra.