Carol Returns in the Newest Episode of ‘Superstore’

Will the feud between Sandra and Carol on Superstore ever be solved? Based on “Carol’s Back,” it does not seem likely. As the title of the episode suggests, Carol is back in the newest episode of Superstore, and all of the Cloud 9 employees are afraid of her, putting Amy in a difficult position.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for the most recent episode of Superstore.]

Superstore Carol
America Ferrera, Kaliko Kauahi, Amir M. Korangy, and Irene White | Tyler Golden/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Carol somehow was not fired in ‘Superstore’

Last time viewers of Superstore saw Carol, she secretly left work to crash Sandra’s wedding. There, she stole Sandra’s cat and tried to kill it. Luckily, Dina intervened before any of that could happen.

When Carol returns, Amy sits her down with Sandra and says an apology is still needed. However, Carol believes Sandra should be apologizing to her.

Sandra: “Oh, you think I should apologize?”
Carol: “Well, you almost made me kill my cat.”
Sandra: “I did that?”
Carol: “You stole Jerry from me, you rubbed your wedding in my face for months, and then you asked me to be your maid of honor? I mean, that was just cruel.”
Sandra: “You told me I had to.”
Carol: “I don’t know, Amy. It seems like she’s not ready to take responsibility.”

Realizing how difficult it’s going to be to get Carol to apologize without involving HR, Amy has Sandra apologize. Dina tells Amy that Carol should have been fired, but apparently since she completed her therapy she’s allowed to come back. This doesn’t mean the other employees are comfortable working with her, and all of them refuse to have Carol working in a section with them.

Jonah and Cheyenne go to a protest together

In the episode’s B-plot, Cheyenne joins Jonah at a Raise The Wage protest. They protest with a group across the street from a sub shop, and Jonah desperately tries to impress the protest’s leader, Tommy. Except Tommy thinks Jonah is a spy for Gateway Subs.

To prove he’s not a spy, he goes across the street to the sub shop to try and discourage people from eating there. When that doesn’t work, Jonah starts secretly paying them not to eat there. When he almost gets caught, he knocks over a trash can and runs away with Cheyenne.

Back at Cloud 9, Garrett and Mateo hire people to do their work for them so Mateo can wait in line for Celine Dion tickets on his phone. The two treat their hired employees in the same terrible way corporate treats them. In the end, Mateo does not get the tickets, so hiring other people ended up being for nothing.

Everyone is scared of Carol in ‘Superstore’

Because no one will work with Carol, Amy has Carol work with her in her office. Based on Carol’s resentful comments about not being invited to Amy’s Golden Globes party, Amy starts to fear her too.

Because Carol can’t be fired due to her mental health issues, Amy instead starts sucking up to her and buys her lunch. This does not go over well with the rest of the staff, and they don’t think it’s right Carol’s terrible behavior is rewarded.

“So, that’s how it works?” says Sayid. “Hey, Sandra. I’m going to slice you open while you sleep. I’ll take a smoothie, please.”

In the Superstore episode, the employees then try Amy’s tactic of sucking up to Carol, but she refuses their niceties. Amy assigns her to reboot the store robot, which ends up electrocuting Carol. The episode ends with Sandra laughing while watching the security footage of Carol getting electrocuted, showing their despise of each other is far from resolved.