Caroline Bedol From ‘Below Deck’ Drops This Damaging Allegation

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Damaging allegations have surfaced since Tuesday’s explosive Below Deck episode. In addition to a report of verbal abuse that was not documented, third stew Caroline Bedol is making accusations about her crew that would be a fireable offense.

Bedol has been tweeting and responding frequently, rehashing what happened on the show. She insists the entire crew knew of the abusive behavior occurring on the show, but no one intervened. “You know what the BIGGEST injustice is here?” she tweeted. “THERE IS FOOTAGE to confirm MY/THE Truth, and it will never be seen because THEY ARE PROTECTING THEIR GOLDEN GOOSE, KATE CHASTAIN. It’s f**king repulsive.”

In several tweets Bedol insists dark and damaging occurrences went down while she was aboard the My Seanna, even agreeing with a report that stated chief stew Kate Chastain verbally abused her.

Did this really happen?

A startling claim by All About The Tea surfaced shortly after the episode aired. The claim, made by a “rock solid” unnamed source asserted Chastain verbally tortured Bedol. But the footage never aired. While Bedol was barricaded in her room, the source claims Chastain said this while Bedol was behind a closed door.

“Oh My God, you’re actually quitting because you’re having a HERPES outbreak? You disgusting slut. You are f*cking whore! We hate you. Everyone here hates you DISEASED SLUT.” Then second stew, Josiah Carter added, “This will make your mom lose what is left of her mind.”

Bedol says it is accurate

The report has not be addressed by Bravo or production company, 51 Minds. However, Bedol took to Twitter and wrote, “@AllAboutDaTea is 100% factually sound. I AM BEYOND GRATEFUL FOR MISS M SPILLIN’ DA TEA. AND, HOW NOBLE OF HER TO FULFILL THE SHIRKED RESPONSIBILITY OF @TvbyBravo TO PROTECT THE TRUTH.” She adds, “ROLL THE FOOTAGE, IM BEGGING YOU, @51Minds and @TvbyBravo They never will bc it would RUIN Kate Chastain.”

Chef Adrian Martin did not corroborate the report but tweeted, “Not at all makin fun of her, we were just coming back from the club and laughing about another crazy night.. and yes there was a lot more that was not shown.”

But then makes this damaging assertion

Bedol took to Twitter again and dropped a bomb that could ruin Chastain’s career. “She was drunk with J the whole time. They kept mouthwash under the sink in the upstairs stew pantry. THEY DRANK EVERY NIGHT AND @51Minds and @TvbyBravo know.” She adds, “They literally said: don’t bother mentioning this in interviews bc THEY WON’T USE IT.”

Also, a follower posted this comment, “Could never tell that Josiah was drunk, but Kate slurs her words in every scene and every talking head interview. Also, she has the face of an alcoholic.” To which Bedol responded, “She is an alcoholic. It’s no secret. It’s dangerous.”

When a Twitter follower inquired, Martin responded, “I never saw them drinking on the job, only when guests would leave.. and we would all indulge!”

This isn’t the first time Chastain was accused of this

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it's a bummer everyone didn't get to see how awesome you are… and if no one is going to say something nice about this man, I'd love to share… Thank you Leon for the endless laughs every morning, you got me through Below Deck!! My best memories were with you in the galley… we had each other in tears!! Too good!! It honestly was so painful everyday to be constantly surrounded in such a negative environment, just listening to you know who say so many mean things about your art and hard work behind your back. I just want you and everyone else to know that I think you're an amazing chef and a great dad to two beautiful little girls. I'm happy to call you my friend and anyone would be lucky to have you on their team. love you buddy! @chef.leon.walker @bravotv #belowdeck #truth

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Another third stew Chastain was at odds with, Raquel “Rocky” Dakota accused Chastain of drinking on charter. A fire broke out inside the yacht’s oven, which was the result of a dirty oven, Captain Lee Rosbach said. But Dakota adds, “Actually during the fire, there was a mug with wine in it, that Kate had been drinking.”

Chastain told All About the Tea she wasn’t surprised Dakota made the accusation. “I actually wasn’t that shocked when Rocky accused me of drinking. She has no boundaries and will say or do anything if she thinks it is to her benefit, regardless of truth or reason. I think at that point in the reunion, Rocky was feeling overwhelmed with all of the negative feedback she was receiving and resorted to finger-pointing and blame-shifting, which is sad and not surprising.”

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