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Caroline Stanbury said Ladies of London didn’t endure because it wasn’t positioned as a Bravo Housewives series. The show was canceled in 2017 after three seasons but amassed a loyal fanbase.

Stanbury quickly became the centerpiece of the series and wished producers would have leaned into the Housewife concept before Ladies of London was canceled. But today, Stanbury may have finally gotten her wish. Bravo announced The Real Housewives of Dubai with Stanbury, once again, front and center.

Why was ‘Ladies of London’ canceled?

Stanbury believed that Ladies of London needed that sticky Housewives moniker. “We should have been Housewives because I don’t think people really understood what Ladies of London was going to be. But we should’ve just stayed with the whole Housewife thing,” she said on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast.

Caroline Fleming, Caroline Stanbury and others from 'Ladies of London' sit around a large table and make a toast
Caroline Fleming, Caroline Stanbury |Ben Pruchnie/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Aside from naming the show, her departure to Dubai was another reason the show ended. “Well, I mean, there were multiple reasons it ended. I left as well, which is probably a big one of them because, you know, I sort of like was the linchpin,” she said.

“It was also very expensive for them to make it. [But] I think it probably could have lasted. And I think there’s a big, big calling for it. People loved it. People really, really love it. I think much more than the network thought they would in the end,” she added.

“I think you’ve got diehard London fans. Unfortunately, you know, when you start a new show, the numbers, it takes time to grow a fan base and everything else. And I think just as we hit our stride, it ended,” she said.

‘RHOM’ viewers almost saw Caroline Stanbury this season

Stanbury almost appeared on The Real Housewives of Miami. “Larsa Pippen is a very good friend,” she dished. “Love her. Obviously, Larsa would call me. I was meant to be, it’s annoying because I was going to go and film with her, but I got to the airport and got turned away.”

“I’d been in Europe so I couldn’t get out there and then I missed it totally. But I’m a huge fan of Larsa there and she’s got a heart of gold and I think this show will be great. I’m fascinated. I love Lisa as well. And I can’t wait to watch it. I love Housewives.”

Would she join ‘RHOBH’ if Dubai doesn’t work out? 

She dished that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is her guilty pleasure. “I was always a Beverly Hills Housewife fan, but you’ve got to remember when we became a show, we didn’t want to be a Housewife show. So, actually, in hindsight, I think it was one of our biggest mistakes.”


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“But yeah, I loved Beverly Hills. It’s always been my sort of guilty pleasure to watch other people’s lives, to escape my own,” she continued. “And I think back then I was so busy. I was running, you know, I had such a big company. I had twins, you know, going home and shoving on Beverly Hills Housewives. You just like, ah, someone else is having a s*** time.”

“I love Beverly Hills. I would love to be on it, but you know, it’s that taking that leap to move to America, isn’t it? You’d have to move and you have to sort of – I’d love to be on Housewives of Beverly Hills, but you know, it is what it is. It’s like, I think I’m just going to have to be comfortable watching it from afar. No, I’ve got friends on it. I love it.”