Carrie Fisher Called Leia’s ‘Star Wars’ Gold Bikini ‘What Supermodels Will Eventually Wear in the Seventh Ring of Hell’

A lot went into the appearance of Leia during the production of the original Star Wars trilogy. For instance, Carrie Fisher had to put on blush and skin freshener. She would also comment on the excessive use of products like lip gloss.

However, Fisher criticized other aspects of her character’s appearance besides makeup. Leia has several wardrobe changes throughout the franchise. She had something to say about a specific and infamous golden bikini she was forced to wear.

Princess Leia wears a golden bikini in ‘Return of the Jedi’

A few outfits may come to mind when fans picture Leia, and her infamous bikini is one of them. The bikini appears in Return of the Jedi when Leia is a prisoner to Jabba the Hutt. People only see the garments briefly, but they seem to have latched onto them. The design of the costume quickly became well-known in popular culture.

The top and bottom pieces of the bikini consist of bronze metal plating on the front and back. However, the bottom half also has a long, red loincloth wrapped around Leia. Furthermore, the costume contains various accessories like boots and a snake arm wrap.

The design was quite elaborate, and it was enough to cement Carrie Fisher as a sex symbol. As a result, references to her and the outfit have made it to various TV shows and other works. However, one person was not a fan of it.

Fisher herself hated the bikini and felt nervous putting it on. It was not something she would have picked for the scene if she could choose. Nevertheless, she relished killing Jabba the Hutt while wearing the garments.

Carrie Fisher dishes on the bikini outfit

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia from Star Wars in a gold bikini with an inflatable beach ball
Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in a gold bikini | Aaron Rapoport/Corbis via Getty Images

In an interview with NPR, Carrie Fisher explained that wearing the bikini made her uncomfortable. She was not allowed to have any marks on her skin, but the metal outfit was form-fitting. As a result, she “had to sit very, very rigid straight” to avoid creases.

Another reason why Fisher was a bit uncomfortable with the bikini is what it represented. Leia is a rebel leader and goes against the damsel in distress trope. According to Yahoo! News, she felt the costume went against that image and objectified a strong character.

Fisher would call the bikini “what supermodels will eventually wear in the seventh ring of hell.” She was not interested in the sex symbol status her appearance gave her. Her feelings were unsurprising to fans who knew her as an outspoken feminist.

Fortunately for Fisher, she did not have to endure the bikini for long. Moreover, she got to enjoy plenty of other costumes.

Other notable Princess Leia outfits


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Leia has several distinct outfits throughout the Star Wars franchise, and the most iconic one is the white dress. In A New Hope, viewers first see her in a floor-length gown along with a hood and a belt. Her two buns complete the appearance, which drew inspiration from Mexican revolutionaries.

In Empire Strikes Back, Leia sports a white pair of pants and a jacket. The outfit is sensible for someone ready to fight in the harsh climate of Hoth. Additionally, she styles her hair in a braid on her head like a crown.

Of course, Leia changes her clothes later in the film when she and the others reach Cloud City. She has a long-sleeved shirt under a white vest. However, she does not keep the look for very long since her stay there was short.

Later, fans see Leia in a jumpsuit with a brown vest in The Force Awakens. Additionally, she had other accessories to help her be ready for battle.