Carrie Fisher Fantasized About Marrying Harrison Ford While Filming ‘Star Wars’

Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford had a brief affair while filming the Star Wars movies. And although Fisher admits that she fell madly in love with Ford during that time, her co-star, on the other hand, wasn’t looking for anything serious. (After all, he was married to another woman while they were sleeping together.) 

But while Ford was only looking for a “good time,” Fisher secretly began to fantasize about what it would be like to marry her co-star. 

Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher
Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher | Richard Corkery/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

Carrie Fisher took her affair with Harrison Ford much more seriously than he did

In Carrie Fisher’s memoir titled The Princess Diarist, she goes into detail about her relationship with Harrison Ford. According to Fisher, she was much more interested in a romance with her co-star while he was only looking for a sexual fling.

In a heartbreaking poem about their affair, Fisher writes in her memoir,

With him, love was easier done than said

Instead of taking you to heart, he would take you to bed

And you take what he has to offer lying down,

You’re getting more involved while he’s still getting around.

It’s all a matter of touch and go

Cause he’s one for all and all for show.

But after all was said and done

I was playing for keeps, and he was playing

for fun.

Fisher goes on, revealing how much more invested she was in Ford while filming the Star Wars movies than the other way around. 

“I’m sure that on our relative lists of priorities as we went about filming, I might have ranked as high as number fifteen on his agenda, while Harrison was my number one,” she said. 

Carrie Fisher fantasized about getting married to Harrison Ford while filming ‘Star Wars’

Although Ford was already married throughout their affair, Fisher would secretly fantasize about what life would be like for the two in holy matrimony. 

In her ideal version of events, Fisher writes, 

“Harrison could expectedly (but gently and responsibly) leave his wife. And after a barely noticeable, dignified amount of time, he would marry me (in an unsentimental, tasteful way.) We would subsequently astonish everyone- including ourselves- by remaining together for the rest of whoever died first’s life.”

Sadly though, things didn’t go according to Fisher’s plan. Once filming wrapped up for Star Wars, Ford went back home to his wife and kids, while she moved on with the singer/songwriter Paul Simon. 

Carrie Fisher continued to love Harrison Ford until the day she died

Carrie Fisher
Carrie Fisher | Doreen Spooner/Getty Images

Fisher might have been known for her outgoing personality, but around Ford, she would become a nervous wreck. In her memoir, she says she would get tongue-tied around Ford and wouldn’t know how to act normal. 

“I could charm the birds out of everyone’s trees but his,” she revealed. 


Carrie Fisher Secretly Wanted Harrison Ford To Leave His Wife for Her

“I suspect that no matter what happens, I will allow him to hurt me,” she continued. 

But even so, she still longed for him and continued to love him until the day she died. “I love him,” she professed, according to a 2016 interview with The Guardian. “I’ll always feel something for him.”