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Carrie Underwood works hard to keep up with her healthy habits, and there’s one thing the  country music star said she has to do every single day in order to function. Here’s what the American Idol winner can’t get through the day without doing. 

Carrie Underwood smiles while performing on stage.
Carrie Underwood | Terry Wyatt/WireImage

Carrie Underwood has several healthy habits

Fans of Carrie Underwood know that the country singer takes good care of her health. She has a number of healthy habits that contribute to her overall wellness, including following a mostly plant-based diet and a consistent workout routine. 

Underwood told Self in 2012 that she is “95 percent vegan.” “I’m 95 percent vegan … My veganism is based on a concern about where my food is coming from. In my perfect world, I’d have webcams wherever food is processed so I’d know how clean it is,” she shared.

“I’ll never eat meat again, because I look and feel better without it, but if I could raise my own cows and chickens and produce my own eggs and cheese, it would be awesome! The food would taste better, because the animals would be happy.”

And her longtime trainer, Eve Overland, told Shape in April that the singer works out almost every day, even when she’s on tour. “Each workout incorporates both upper-body as well as lower-body exercises,” Overland explained. “Most commonly, we will work with opposing muscle groups, so she gets a lot of frequency with lower-body exercises without overworking it on any given day. This approach has contributed to her amazing strength as well as sculpted physique.” 

Overland added, “She likes to stick with the basics because they work.” A few of Underwood’s workout basics include “Lateral band walks, leg press machine [reps], hamstring curls, and cable straight leg kickbacks … because of the great pump they give you.”

Carrie Underwood says she can’t make it through the day without doing this habit

Besides eating a vegan diet and working out daily, there is one healthy habit that Carrie Underwood said she can’t function without doing.

“I can’t function during the day if I know my bed is not made,” she admitted to Country Weekly (via Taste of Country). “It will be all I think about throughout the day until it’s actually made.”

Underwood is obsessed with cleanliness and organization in all areas of her house, not just the bedroom. “My refrigerator is extremely organized,” she shared. “Everything is showing the labels and is arranged in perfect rows.”


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The country singer’s oldest son, Isaiah, doesn’t share her love of cleanliness

Although Carrie Underwood likes to make her bed every day and keep her home tidy and organized, the singer’s children don’t seem to share her love of cleanliness.

In May 2017, the country music star shared an Instagram photo of her husband, her son Isaiah, and her dog. The picture showed toys everywhere, picture frames moved out of the then-toddler’s reach, and a dog kennel in the middle of the room (basically, the usual mess of most families with young children).

“Dear ladies,” Underwood captioned the image. “Make sure you marry someone who makes time to do the ‘hot dog dance’ with your kid right before leaving for work! So sweet! ❤️❤️❤️”