Here’s Why Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Are One of the Greatest Couples of All Time

Everyone has their favorite celebrity couple. Some celebrity couples are high-profile while others prefer to lay low and keep their romance on the quiet side. And some couples just seem to be the perfect match — such as country singer Carrie Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher, a former professional hockey player with the Nashville Predators. Somehow, this couple seems to have it all: A sweet bond, a perfect look, and an adorable family. Here are all the reasons they make the most perfect celebrity couple.

They are each other’s biggest fans

Up until recently, both Underwood and Fisher had demanding careers. Fisher was a professional hockey player (he retired after the 2017-2018 season) and Underwood is still rocking an upbeat country music career. Despite having intense full time jobs, each of them supported one another as best they could. When Fisher’s Nashville Predators made it to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Underwood cleared her schedule to be at the games. She’d post videos on social media cheering on her husband, and even discussed the team’s performance during a few intermission reports. She was always there to sing the national anthem if needed, too. As for Fisher, he was frequently on the road with the team during Underwood’s awards shows, but he always made his best effort to be present and cheer his wife on during one of her performances.

Carrie Underwood Nashville
Carrie Underwood supports husband Mike Fisher and the Nashville Predators during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. | Carrie Underwood via Instagram

They keep their family tight-knit and off the radar

The couple stays close and spends as much time together as possible, but they’re not flashy about how they do it. They’re rarely photographed by the paparazzi and try their best to keep a low profile. Plus, both are strict about keeping their son’s face off of social media. While Underwood has posted a picture here and there of son Isaiah, for the most part, his face is almost never fully visible. The family has a way of preserving its own privacy, which is admirable in this day and age with the amount of publicity some couples and families give themselves through social media.

They show each other love — but not too much

The couple shows each other just enough love in the spotlight, but not too much. They lay low on social media, but still post about each other once in a while — specifically to congratulate the other on a major accomplishment. Both remind the world of how in love they are with each passing anniversary or birthday, but they don’t flaunt it to the point of overdoing it. They have a way of giving us what we want to see without sacrificing their personal lives.

carrie underwood walk of fame
Carrie Underwood, Mike Fisher, and son Isaiah all support Underwood as she receives her Hollywood Walk of Fame Star. | Carrie Underwood via Instagram

They didn’t race into a relationship

Today, a whirlwind romance seems to be on trend. But Underwood and Fisher took things slow, dating for a while before deciding to tie the knot. They met in 2008 and actually went a whole three months between their first and second date. But taking it slow proved to worked for them. About a year and a half later, they got engaged. They were married in 2010 and had their first child in 2015.

They’ve stuck by each other, even when times got admittedly tough

Underwood and Fisher haven’t always had the smoothest marriage. Divorce rumors hit the couple hard in 2017 when Fisher announced he was coming out of retirement. Then, in 2018, Underwood revealed that she’d had three miscarriages over the past year. But when things got tough, the couple didn’t split. They stuck by one another’s side, and Underwood said back in 2015 that their marriage will be forever. They seem to have a near-perfect dynamic, so let’s hope her word is true.

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