Carrie Underwood Once Revealed Her 3 ‘Must-Have’ Features in Her ‘Forever Home’

When Carrie Underwood was building her “forever home,” there were three things she wouldn’t have been able to live without — and none was her mobile gym.

After a “free-range” childhood in Oklahoma, she found massive success in Nashville. But deep down, she’s still just “Carrie,” with simple tastes. Read on to learn more about her childhood as a “farm girl” and her three down-home must-haves for her dream home.

Carrie Underwood, pictured performing during the iHeartCountry Festival, had three must-haves for her 'forever home'
Carrie Underwood | Astrida Valigorsky/WireImage

Carrie Underwood grew up in the small town of Checotah, Oklahoma

Underwood’s adult tastes might reach back to her “free-range” childhood growing up in Checotah, Oklahoma. In her book Find Your Path she describes it as “a small country town full of wide-open spaces.”

She had a “pretty normal childhood” as an “Oklahoma farm girl.”

But her country music career has made her adulthood less than ordinary. So, there are two versions of her — “Carrie” and “Carrie Underwood.”

“‘Carrie Underwood’ is the public me — the person you see on the stage or on the TV,” she shared. “That’s me living out my dream.”

That version of her is not to be confused with who she is on the inside. She’s “Carrie” — a wife and mom raised in Checotah — underneath all the glitz and glamour of Nashville’s bright star. “‘Carrie’ is just me,” she explained, “without all the bells and whistles.”

And guessing by her three must-haves for her “forever home,” she called on “Carrie” for some aspects of the design.

Carrie Underwood’s 3 must-haves for a ‘forever home’: a wood-burning fireplace, porch swing, and rocking chairs

After an accident outside her former home in Nashville injured her in 2017, Underwood saw a spike in interest in seeing her house. She wanted a home with privacy for her family, so she decided to build her “forever home” with her husband, Mike Fisher.

While they were in the process of construction, Underwood shared her excitement about the build and some necessary features for their abode. “My husband, Mike, and I are designing our forever home,” she told Country Living in 2017. “My must-haves are a wood-burning fireplace, a porch swing, and rocking chairs.” 

By 2018, the house had been built from scratch, and they were ready to move in. Pictures of the home shared by Radar Online show lots of porches, rocking chairs, and what looks like a porch swing by an outdoor wood-burning fireplace.

Fans think Carrie Underwood is living ‘the dream’ due to a smart feature in the closet of her ‘forever home’

While Underwood’s three must-haves were simple to make a reality, there was something else fans noticed about her house that they thought was noteworthy. She shared a picture of herself in her well-equipped closet for fans on Instagram.

Many commenters noted how great the mom of two looks in her closet selfie. But other eagle-eyed observers noticed a washer and dryer in there. One commenter told her having a wardrobe space with appliances was “the DREAM!”

A washer/dryer set in the closet might not be Underwood’s favorite feature in her dream home at the end of the day. But it’s still creating goals.

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