Carrie Underwood’s Parents Won’t Let Her Spoil Them

Carrie Underwood used to be a small town girl who lived on a farm in Checotah, Oklahoma. However, these days, she is one of the most famous country artists in the world.

Despite the fact that Underwood is a superstar who can afford to treat her parents to some nice things, her mother and father reportedly do not want her to spoil them. 

Carrie Underwood has a high net worth

Carrie Underwood performs on stage
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Underwood got her start on American Idol. She won the show in 2005 and went on to become a popular singer. As of 2019, Underwood has released six albums and 31 singles. She has also won more than 170 awards throughout her career.

Underwood has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and was the youngest person inducted into the Grand Ole Opry.

Her success has allowed her to have an impressive net worth of $65 million.

Carrie Underwood’s parents don’t want her to buy things for them

Underwood has the ability to buy her parents many new things, but they do not want to accept gifts from her.

She shared in an interview with SiriusXM: “So they still live where I grew up, in the house I grew up in. I remember one Christmas there was this generator my dad wanted for welding or something… I was like, ‘I’ll get it for him.’ It was $400. I got in trouble. He was like, ‘She doesn’t need to be spending her money on me.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, let me do anything, please.'”

This is not surprising considering her parents have always lived a low-key existence even when they did have money. In the same interview, Underwood revealed that her mother enjoys simply sewing her clothes for talent shows instead of buying her new ones.

Carrie Underwood’s parents enjoy going to award shows

While her parents might not want her to spoil them with material things, they actually like to enjoy another perk of having a famous daughter: going to award shows.

Underwood shared that her mother, especially, really likes accompanying her to award shows, though sometimes it’s hard for the singer to predict what her mother would do there.

Underwood recounted one fun story:

“It might have been my first CMAs, and my mom was there and she was so excited because she was seeing all these stars, celebrities. I lost her. I didn’t know where she went at this after-party, and she’s over in the corner talking to Kid Rock. I’m like, no good can come from this. She’s so cute, and she just loves being there and seeing everybody.”

Carrie Underwood lives a humble life for a world-famous singer

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Underwood’s parents have definitely passed on some important life lessons for the singer herself. Despite being a multi-millionaire, Underwood does not live lavishly.

She resides in a very expensive mansion in Tennessee, but Underwood shared that she still does her own chores throughout the day. She makes her own bed every morning and keeps many parts of her house — like her fridge — very tidy.

Underwood has said that she might be the most extravagant person in her family, but everyone can see that she is quite down-to-earth for Hollywood standards.

Even her husband, Mike Fisher, has acknowledged that Underwood has not changed much despite her success and that she’s still the same girl at heart.

In 2018, he wrote a sweet message to her on Instagram:

“You’ve remained humble in all the success and never craved the attention or fame one bit. Thanks for always being the small town girl from Oklahoma even thou your one of the biggest stars!”