‘Casper,’ ‘Sleepy Hollow,’ ‘The Addams Family’: Where to Watch Christina Ricci’s Best Halloween Movies

Christina Ricci became the queen of Halloween. While the actor has branched out to other ventures, fans still adore her 1990s hits. They consider The Addams Family (1991), Casper (1995), and Sleepy Hollow (1999) her best Halloween movies. However, Ricci has starred in several other horrors like Cursed and the upcoming thriller Monstrous.

Since it’s the season to be spooky, how can fans watch Ricci’s best Halloween flicks?

Christina Ricci, star of Casper and The Addams Family, looks over her shoulder in one of her best Halloween movies Sleepy Hollow
Christina Ricci In ‘Sleepy Hollow’ | Getty Images

‘The Addams Family’

Before viewers recognized Christina Ricci for her future Halloween movies, she starred as one of the most iconic horror characters: Wednesday Addams. Fans praised the young actor’s portrayal. The 1991 comedy introduces the “creepy” and “spooky” family’s lifestyle.

Gomez Addams misses his brother, Fester, who shows up at his home. The family is delighted, but Morticia speculates the man’s identity. He can’t recall specific details of Fester’s life and personality. And it turns out, this Fester is trying to steal the Addams’ fortune.

Ricci reprised her role in the 1993 sequel, Addams Family Values. After Wednesday and Pugsley tried to kill their infant brother Pubert, Morticia and Gomez hire a nanny named Debbie. The nanny is actually a serial killer who steals bachelors’ wealth.

The two Christina Ricci movies are not streaming on the same platform. Fans can watch the 1991 flick for free on PlutoTV. However, they have to rent or purchase Addams Family Values on YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, or Google Play.


Casper was always the well-known friendly ghost. But the 1995 film introduced a story of pre-teen friendship. Christina Ricci played middle schooler Kat Harvey, who just moved to the quintessential town of Friendship. Her mother died, which led her father to research the supernatural world. Because of his work, Kat keeps moving to different homes.

When they arrive at the Whipstaff residence, Kat and her father meet the three menacingly comical ghosts and their nephew, Casper. As Kat and Casper develop a bond, she uncovers more details about his past life.

Ricci later discussed the possibility of a sequel to one of children’s best Halloween movies. According to Entertainment Tonight, Ricci declined Casper 2: “I look for parts that are different,” the actor explained. “I never want to do two parts that are exactly the same. It was fun, but I want to move away from the whole Casper thing.”

FuboTV and SlingTV subscribers can stream Casper, but everyone can watch it for free on Freeform.

‘Sleepy Hollow’

Christina Ricci was all grown up by 1999 from her previous movies. She complimented the Johnny Depp-led Sleepy Hollow cast by playing Ichabod Crane’s love interest, Katrina Van Tassel.

The plot focuses on Ichabod, a police constable, in 1799. He investigates a series of beheadings in the upstate New York town of Sleepy Hollow. He learns about the local legend of a headless horseman who lost his head during the American Revolutionary War.

Fans think this is one of the best Halloween movies of all time because of its unexpected twists and turns. Everyone becomes a suspect in the hunt for the horseman.

The rest of the Sleepy Hollow cast included Christopher Walken as the Headless Horseman, Miranda Richardson as Lady Van Tassel, Michael Gambon as Baltus Van Tassel, and Lisa Marie as Lady Crane.

Anyone with a Starz subscription can stream Sleepy Hollow, in addition to premium Amazon Prime Video subscribers.

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