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When the next episode of This Is Us returns, so does Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison). However, the return of Kevin’s (Justin Hartley) ex-fling might not be such a great thing for his growing family with Madison (Caitlin Thompson). Director Ken Olin weighs in on what Uncle Nicky (Griffin Dunne) and Cassidy’s return to the series could mean for Kevin.

‘This Is Us’ guest star Jennifer Morrison as Cassidy | Ron Batzdorff/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

‘This Is Us’ Season 5, Episode 11 teases a guest for Kevin and Madison

When the trailer for the next episode of This Is Us premiered, fans gasped at Nicky and Cassidy‘s presence. Kevin’s former love interest is driving Nicky to the airport, from what viewers can tell. 

“I haven’t been on an airplane since I got medevaced out of Vietnam,” Nicky tells Cassidy.

In the short clip, viewers know that Nicky shows up at Kevin and Madison’s house alone. 

“He waited a lifetime to live again,” reads the season 5, episode 11 promo trailer.

The upcoming episode looks like it will focus primarily on Nicky and his past with his brother Jack (Milo Ventimiglia). However, avid fans know that the writers and producers did not place Cassidy in that clip for no reason.

When is the next episode of ‘This Is Us’?

The next episode of This Is Us airs March 23, 2021, at 9 p.m. EST with “One Small Step…” The description of it is very brief.

“Kevin and Madison get an unexpected guest,” the synopsis reads.

However, at the end of This Is Us episode 10, Nicky arrived at Kevin and Madison’s home. Fans already saw that. So, he’s not really “unexpected” anymore. Could there be someone else with him? Might it be Cassidy? When the director of This Is Us spoke with People, he gave one small clue about the next episode.


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“You’ll see that when Nicky arrives, Kevin’s very safe haven with Madison is going to have some ripples there,” Director Olin told the outlet. “You know this is the way we always ramp up to the end of the season and hopefully leave people going, ‘Oh sh*t! OK, here we go, I’ll see what happens in the fall.’ This episode is a very, very confident transition to this ramp to the end of the season. So here we go!”

‘This Is Us’ cast listing does not include Jennifer Morrison as Cassidy

When This Is Us fans watched the season 5, episode 11 promo trailer, they were very excited to see Cassidy return. 

“YESS!!! I thought that was Cassidy in the promo!” one fan wrote in the YouTube video comments. “I really hope we get to see more of Jennifer Morrison!”

However, according to IMDb, Jennifer Morrison is not listed on the cast for the next episode of This Is Us. She might be making such a small cameo that Morrison does not get a writing credit. It’s still possible that Nicky updates Kevin about Cassidy’s life. Depending on what’s going on with his ex-fling, that might be the thing to cause “ripples.” 

Fans will have to wait for the next episode of This Is Us to find out if Cassidy has anything to do with the disruption in Kevin and Madison’s “safe haven.”