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When Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood began dating following their tenure on the hit reality TV show, The Bachelor, nobody could predict just how messy their eventual split would be. The pair appeared to be happily dating for about two years (though Underwood later revealed in his book that they experienced a short break up after the show filmed) until fans noted that they seemed to be absent from each other’s recent social media posts.

Colton Underwood, Cassie Randolph, Michelle Randolph, and Gregg Sulkin
Colton Underwood, Cassie Randolph, Michelle Randolph, and Gregg Sulkin | Cassidy Sparrow/Getty Images for LG

After weeks of speculation, Underwood and Randolph both took to their respective Instagram pages to announce their breakup on May 29, 2020. The pair cited that they’d chosen to breakup but would remain in each other’s lives as friends. Furthermore, they expressed that they still had love and respect for one another. It seemed, at least outwardly, that the pair would have an amicable breakup. But, things quickly took a turn.

Cassie Randolph filed a restraining order against, ex-boyfriend, Colton Underwood

Feathers appeared to ruffled when Randolph appeared on The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever! Though she refused to provide any details about her breakup with Underwood, the show’s host, Chris Harrison, was very persistent in his questioning. When Underwood heard about the interview, he seemed to take a dig at his ex-girlfriend on Instagram. Seeing this, Randolph made a public statement asking the former footballer to keep the details of their relationship private as they’d previously agreed.

For a while, things between Randolph and Underwood seemed to go quiet, though fans did notice that the reality stars unfollowed each other on Instagram. But, on September 11, 2020, TMZ reported that Randolph had filed a restraining order against Underwood. The details of the report claimed that Underwood had been stalking the Huntington Beach native and even went as far as planting a tracking device on her car.

A ‘source’ claims that the former couple was filming a post-breakup reality TV show

Things got even more out of hand when E! News reported that Randolph and Underwood had been filming a reality TV show together since June. “Things got really tough so Colton pulled out,” an alleged “source” told the publication. “Cassie is still trying to sell the show. Her family is also in it. When they broke up, she tried to keep it just friends, but his feelings never went away for her. She did like the attention, so it was very hard for him.”

Though Randolph has been quiet about all the news, her younger sister, Michelle Randolph, has begun debunking rumors on Instagram. On September 14, 2020, the actress reposted the aforementioned E! News article on her Instagram story stating that the claims about Underwood pulling out of the reality show were completely false. She also denied her family’s involvement and that her sister was “seeking attention” from Underwood and the media.

Randolph’s sister, Michelle, debunks reality show rumors on Instagram

“This is such an obvious attempt to smear Cassie’s name to deflect from the seriousness of what was contained in the restraining order,” Michelle said about her older sister. “And FOR THE RECORD I, nor my parents, have filmed or signed any contracts. My parents haven’t even spoken once to anyone involved in this potential show.”


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Michelle continued on to express how upset she was that people weren’t realizing the severity of the situation between Underwood and Randolph. “The claims of him dropping out are false,” the model stated. “He, his “source”, and everyone involved knows that is a lie. Okay I am going to take a walk now in an attempt to calm my anger over the entire situation. HAVE A GREAT MONDAY.”

We’re sure this situation is difficult for Randolph and her family to navigate. We do hope that she gets the protection that she needs. Furthermore, we hope fans of hers and Underwood’s will consider the severity of the situation rather than carelessly throwing out opinions for a situation they know little to nothing about.