Cassie Randolph Felt Like She Couldn’t Trust Anyone When She Was on ‘The Bachelor’

A new season of The Bachelor‘s just begun and plenty of former contestants are reminiscing about their time on the show.

When Peter Weber’s first episode aired, last year’s season winner, Cassie Randolph, took to Instagram to post about her time on the show.

Cassie Randolph | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images
Cassie Randolph | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

“Hard to believe that this was already a year ago!! Trying not to get emotional thinking about how different life is now. I am so happy. Thinking of all you girls and Peter, wishing you nothing but the best as you embark on this crazy journey ❤️ I know you have already filmed, but it definitely doesn’t stop there! Hold on to these moments and cherish them forever ✨ Rooting for you all! 🤗” she wrote.

At the end of each season, Bachelor contestants seem to echo the same sentiment: going on the show was a great experience, but it was also a lot harder than they anticipated

Cassie Randolph admits she had no idea what she was getting herself into with ‘The Bachelor’

In a recent interview with the “I Suck At Life” podcast, Randolph said she had no idea what she was getting herself into when she signed up for The Bachelor.

“Going through the whole casting process and finally getting on, you know, it’s so exciting. And it was exciting filming it, too, but once you’re there, there’s so much more–it’s a lot harder than you would think, or that I imagined it would be,” she said.

Randolph continued: “Then coming off of it I don’t think I had any idea how, like, big the show really was. I mean I knew it was a big show but I didn’t realize that it would put me through so many things. It was kind of a hard year. It was a good year, like a lot going on and really fun experiences and everything. I’m very grateful. But at the same time, it, like, grew me. It was like 10 years stuffed into one. And you have no idea that when you’re going onto it that it’s gonna result in that.”

It was hard for Cassie Randolph to be away from her friends and family while filming

Something Randolph struggled with while filming was being disconnected from her friends and family.

“I mean it was definitely hard being disconnected because I’m so close with my family and friends and I always look to them for advice and help through decisions,” she said.

Between the producers and the other contestants, the season winner felt she didn’t have anyone she could fully trust.

“Being on the show was hard because I didn’t really have anyone that I could trust or confide in. And you confide in your producers and the girls that are there, but at the same time, you can’t tell everyone everything because you just have to be careful,” she said.

However, being the positive thinker Randolph is, she says the experience ultimately made her become more confident in her solo decision-making skills.

“I also think it helped me kind of grow up in a way where it made me a lot more confident in my own decisions, which is a good thing,” she said.

As for her advice for current and future Bachelor contestants, Randolph says to “try and stay as level-headed as you can.”

“Before you act on a situation, really try and remove yourself from it first and think, ‘OK, I’m on a TV show, chill out,’” she said.

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