Cassie Randolph Slams Instagram Haters Who Say ‘She Knew What She Signed Up For’

Cassie Randolph is back on Instagram after a one-month hiatus and she has a whole lot to say for those who are spewing negativity at her. Since the 25-year-old was a contestant on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, she has been under intense scrutiny. After Underwood jumped a fence for her and she was declared the winner, Randolph was put under even more of a microscope.

Instagram influencer Cassie Randolph
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Being on The Bachelor certainly opened up plenty of doors for Randolph. She grew her Instagram following to a whopping 1.6 million (which is significant even for a winner), gained many partnerships and sponsorships, obtained modeling gigs, and grew her platform enough to launch her own personal passion projects including an upcoming clothing line with her younger sister, Michelle Randolph.

Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood announce their breakup

But, things haven’t been all fine and dandy for Randolph. With increased popularity comes increased scrutiny, and Randolph was no exception to this rule. Though the California native has tons of supporters, many people felt more than comfortable throwing hate her way as well. On a daily basis, Randolph was slammed with claims that she was fake, that she was using Underwood for fame, and that she only went on The Bachelor to increase her Instagram following.

The negativity only increased after Underwood and Randolph announced that they’d chosen to break up on May 29, 2020. Haters felt vindicated by the breakup and flooded Randolph’s Instagram comments with negative messages. Seeing it all, Randolph chose to take a social media hiatus for a month. Now, however, she is back and she’s no longer taking the criticism lying down.

The Huntington Beach native delivers a message on Instagram

On July 1, 2020, Randolph took to her Instagram page to post a photo of herself on the beach alongside a lengthy caption. She shared what her experience has been like in the last two years. She also added how damaging it can be to live life in the public eye and have various rumors and conclusions drawn up about her.

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While many people were sympathetic to Randolph’s post, others had less than kind things to say. Many people claimed Randolph knew exactly what she signed up for when she went on the show and that she was playing the victim. Others added that if she was really interested in keeping her life private, she wouldn’t continue talking about her relationship in a public way.

Randolph slams haters

“If you don’t want the attention, then you shouldn’t be going back on TV talking about your breakup. Let it go, people will forget about it but if you take a month off and come back talking about it, of course, you’ll get the hate/love attention, that’s what social media is. Seems like you just can’t let go of your 15 minutes of fame. Perfect timing to get attention too, is you and your sister’s fashion line coming out?!?! That’s what you said your new platform helped you accomplish, it’s all about money and fame for you, it was never about love,” one Instagram user commented under Randolph’s post.

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The last 2 years I’ve been thrust into a spotlight after living a fairly normal life. Since then, I’ve been trying to learn how to navigate my life changes while also trying to cling to who I am. I used to think a platform would give me a voice, but in many ways a platform takes your voice. For someone like me it’s been paralyzing. I can overthink everything. It takes really thick skin to navigate constant drama, fake articles, nasty DMs & comments or rumors started by people who feel entitled to your personal life. It takes incredible mental strength to shrug off strangers who regularly criticize your character based on conclusions they drew while watching an edited tv show (I could say so much here). It can feel like an uphill battle. Sometimes I want to just say what I want & forget my sensitive side that strives to do the “right thing”, be calm & rational, be kind, think of others first etc.. I feel like saying: ok all you mother ffers hating on me for my breakup-please stop. It’s been an awful few months for ME trying to go thru it. I’m STILL going thru it. It’s hard enough w/out your know-it-all comments. You literally know nothing so go away. One minute I feel my rant above & the next I feel selfish thinking about myself when there are truly critical issues in the world right now: BLM, Covid, toxic politics, matters of life and death; social injustice. Kinda puts personal problems in perspective. Hence, the reason I decided (against advice) to cancel contracts & delete IG for 30 days. The break, tho short, was amazing. What did I do? I read a LOT, got a tattoo, caught up with friends, attended 2 protests, finished 60 HOURS OF SIMUCASE, re-evaluated my dreams and goals, went surfing, dyed my own hair, played my guitar, got out my sewing machine…lived in the moment. Life is short. We all have struggles to figure out. All we can do is the best we know in the moment so when we reflect, we don’t feel regret. Always be learning, always be growing. Ok, I’m done. A bit all over the place, but I’m forcing myself not to overthink. Thx to the majority of u who’ve been kind & sent concerned messages. It means more than u know ❤️ ily all (minus the trolls)

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Seeing the hate she was still receiving, Randolph chose to slam those who claimed she knew what she signed up for. “And for those of you who say ‘well, you signed up for it’. Really? I did not. We are all accountable for our words, actions, and how we treat other people. And if you have half a brain you would realize you only have a portion of the story,” the 25-year-old declared. Clearly, people aren’t shy about letting Randolph know how they feel. Hopefully, in time, all of this back and forth will blow over.