Cassie Randolph Says She Was ‘Naive’ About the Aftermath of ‘The Bachelor’

Fans made a lot of assumptions about Cassie Randolph since she was on reality TV. She’s now addressing why she applied for The Bachelor and admitted she was a little naive about how things would play out.

Why Cassie Randolph applied for ‘The Bachelor’

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Colton Underwood picked Randolph after she decided to quit the show. They decided to date, and their relationship lasted over a year. They broke up, and Randolph later got a restraining order against him. She has since dropped the restraining order. 

Randolph made a YouTube video focused on assumptions people made about her. She first addressed why she applied to The Bachelor.

She explained that she was part of a docuseries focused on college students who attend a conservative college. Randolph enjoyed it, so she imagined doing it again. She claimed she had a dream that she was on The Bachelor, so she decided to apply.

Randolph applied but was turned down for Nick Viall’s season because she was considered too young. They reached out to her for Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season, but Randolph turned it down because of their age gap. They reached out a third time, and she joined the cast to meet Underwood.

Cassie Randolph says she was ‘naive’ about the after of ‘The Bachelor’

Cassie Randolph smiles and poses on a red carpet in a white top and black sweater.
Cassie Randolph | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

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There are a few risks to going on The Bachelor. You might get your heart broken or embarrassed in front of millions of fans. Or those fans could end up not liking you. Randolph unexpectedly experienced this.

“I was also young and down for the adventure and the experience, and I didn’t really know what would come of it,” she said. “I just wanted to have fun with it. And I think looking back, I was a little bit naive because I had no idea what it would bring.”

Fans weren’t happy with Randolph, probably because she decided to leave the show. They made it known. She was open about not expecting that reaction. 

“When I tell you I had no idea what would come of it, I really mean I had no idea what would come of it,” Randolph continued. “There was a point at the end of it where a ton of people and people online and just like trolls were assuming why I was there and questioning me and my character and my motives.” 

She said the producers told her to deactivate her account during the last week of the show. Randolph did give a life update to her fans in the video.

She graduated and now has a Master of Science degree. Randolph plans to work using her degree in speech pathology. It sounds like Randolph is continuing to move on from reality television.