Cassie Randolph on the ‘Small World’ of ‘Bachelor’ Alums and Instagram Influencers

Going on The Bachelor for the right reasons” has been a topic that’s been discussed at-length each and every season since the show’s inception. There’s no denying many of the show’s contestants go on to start their own businesses, write books, or, in recent years, become Instagram influencers. Now, it’s almost a sure bet that contestants will get catapulted into Instagram stardom if they’re simply on the show long enough. Already, the women of Peter Weber’s season are gaining followers by the thousands.

Cassie Randolph, the winner of Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, was shocked to learn just how popular the show actually was when it began airing. She says there are positives and negatives that go along with being on a show with such a “passionate” fanbase.

Cassie Randolph | Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic
Cassie Randolph | Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

“I think I was just naive to it, but I didn’t know people were so invested in the show and like very, very passionate about it, which is great because my fan accounts are incredible. They’re so cute, I love them, I love the support,” Randolph recently said on the “I Suck At Life” podcast.

The hardest part about the fame, says Randolph, is “hearing rumors.”

“Because you want to defend yourself,” she said.

Cassie Randolph says half of Instagram influencers are ‘Bachelor’ alums

Today, Randolph has 1.7 million followers. She’s very much an influencer and often advertises leggings, skincare products, and clothing brands.

On the podcast, Randolph spoke about how close Bachelor alums become after filming and the huge overlap between the Bachelor world and the pool of influencers.

“I think you’re now just part of this weird family that you all have this strange thing in common so I mean sometimes people will be hanging out and then you’ll hang out and you meet them. It’s just a very small world. Or through Bachelor you’ll go on someone’s podcast and meet another Bachelor person there. Bachelor people are everywhere. And a lot of them are in LA now, too,” said Randolph.

She continued: “The influencing world, in general, is really small and then half of them are from Bachelor. Or you automatically feel close to them even if you don’t know them because you know what they went through. So it’s easy to reach out to someone super randomly and be like, ‘Hey what’s up?’”

Cassie Randolph is an influencer and a grad student

While Randolph is an Instagram influencer, she’s also finishing up grad school to become a speech pathologist. She says tackling both can be stressful, at times, but she’s learning to balance everything.

“They’re just two very opposite careers I think, being a student and being in media and being an influencer-type stuff. It’s just different. So I feel like that makes me juggle a lot but think I’ve learned a lot of balance over the past year,” she said.

The “here for the right reasons” debate hasn’t begun yet on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, but we’re sure it will. It always does.

Randolph has some advice for Weber’s contestants when drama comes up: “Try and stay as level-headed as you can. And before you act on a situation, really try and remove yourself from it first and think, ‘OK, I’m on a TV show, chill out.’”

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