Does the Cast of ‘7th Heaven’ Want a Reboot to Happen?

7th Heaven has been off the air since 2007 and practically since it ended, talk of a reboot has been circulating. But is the cast of the wholesome family TV show up for a reboot? Find out ahead.

Catherine Hicks would ‘just be happy to show up and see everyone’

Actress Catherine Hicks, 67, who played the matriarch of the Camden family, Annie Camden, has discussed a possible reunion or reboot on several occasions.

Stephen Collins and Catherine Hicks
Catherine Hicks and Stephen Collins during 2005 TV Land Awards – Backstage at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California, United States. | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc

The most memorable being her two TMZ videos. First, in 2016 she said she’d be willing to do a reboot if her on-screen husband, Eric Camden, played by Stephen Collins, 71, wasn’t part of the project. She suggested her character become a widow, trying to lead the Camden family on her own.

It’s unclear whether or not Hicks made the comment in the wake of Collins’s scandal in which he admitted to having inappropriate sexual contact with minors years earlier.

Nevertheless, Hicks changed her tune in a second TMZ video saying she’d be happy to work with her TV husband again.

“I have no opinion on Stephen’s culpability or not,” the actress said in the Jan. 2017 video.

“We were surprised, but we all love each other. We really, God, worked altogether beautifully, and if they did do a reunion, I’d just be happy to show up and see everyone, Stephen included,” she added.

Barry Watson is ‘open to doing something’

Barry Watson, 45, who played Matt Camden, the oldest child in the family, has discussed having a 7th Heaven reunion before and seems very receptive to the idea.

Barry Watson | Instagram

“I know there were talks a few years ago about that — with Gilmore Girls and all these other shows that are doing these reboots, I think that’s always going to be something that’s discussed. Maybe [creator] Brenda Hampton is doing something right now as we speak — I’m not aware of it,” Watson told TheWrap in 2017.

“But I’d be open to doing something. I love all those folks,” he added.

Jessica Biel hasn’t publicly commented on a possible reboot

Jessica Biel, 37, played rebellious Mary Camden on 7th Heaven and has since solidified her status as an A-list actress in Hollywood. Although she hasn’t commented in recent years on whether or not she’d be willing to participate in a reboot, she’s kept in touch with her former co-stars.

Biel had a mini 7th Heaven reunion with Beverley Mitchell and Mackenzie Rosman who played Lucy and Ruthie Camden.

Beverley Mitchell | Instagram

Beverley Mitchell thinks they could ‘create some great storylines’ in a reboot

Beverley Mitchell, 38, spoke with the International Business Times about possibly reprising her role as Lucy Camden.

“I think we would create some great storylines and I think it would be a really fun show,” Mitchell said.

“And maybe if it was more focused on the kids and created amazing new stories and kind of followed us as adults because, before on the show, we were little babies and now we’re not. Who knows, I don’t even know how many babies I might have on the show. I’d love to know. How many kids does Lucy have?”

Mitchell appears to be just as open to a reboot as the rest of the cast.

As for David Gallagher who played Simon Camden and Mackenzie Rosman who played Ruthie Camden, they haven’t been as outspoken about a reboot as some of their co-stars. Although that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be up for a reunion.

‘7th Heaven’ creator thinks ‘all the actors would like to do a reunion show’

Brenda Hampton, the creator of 7th Heaven, has also spoken publicly about the possibility of a reboot. When asked by Life and Style magazine if she’d include Stephen Collins in the reboot she said, “I would include him,” adding “I think all the actors would like to do a reunion show. It would be really fun!”

cast of '7th heaven'
7th Heaven cast at the TV Guide Awards at Fox Studios. | Mirek Towski/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

Hampton also commented on what Hicks said about Collins. “I think Catherine was caught off guard and said something off the top of her head,” she told the magazine. Collins’s scandal is “so personal, [it’s] none of my business.”

Although including or excluding Stephen Collins from a possible reboot may cause friction, it seems that the cast and creator of 7th Heaven have no objections to a reunion.