Cast Members Of OWN’s ‘Sweetie Pies’ are Beefing On Social Media

For nine seasons, Sweetie Pies was a fan favorite on OWN. The reality series followed former Ike & Tina Turner background singer, Robbie “Miss Robbie” Montgomery, and her family as they successfully ran her Louisiana soul food restaurant. Miss Robbie’s son, Tim Norman, managed the chains and sought to open more while he navigated a relationship with Jenae Wallick and fatherhood to a newborn. Their relationship would not survive, but Miss Robbie and Wallick remained close. Things have drastically changed and the two women are now feuding on social media. 

Cast of OWN's 'Sweetie Pies'
Cast of OWN’s ‘Sweetie Pies’ via Twitter

Jenae Wallick and Tim Norman’s relationship on ‘Sweetie Pies’

When viewers were first introduced to Wallick and Norman, the two were in a longtime relationship and expecting their first child together. Miss Robbie acted as a surrogate mother and confidant to Wallick, as Wallick’s family lived in a different state. Norman and Wallick were executive employees of the restaurant. 

Their son Timmy was born weeks premature and had severe health issues. Norman and Wallick’s relationship was rocky before the birth, but it only intensified after, especially in terms of the restaurant. 

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Wallick ended their relationship for good in 2014 when she tearfully explained her breaking point to Miss Robbie, noting that she felt disrespected by Norman’s female assistant. By the end of their relationship, Wallick felt emotionally drained. 

Miss Robbie accuses Jenae Wallick of keeping her grandson from his father’s side of the family

Wallick and Miss Robbie maintained a close friendship even after she split with Norman. In fact, Miss Robbie was considered to be a surrogate grandmother to Wallick’s second son, AJ.

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She moved on from Norman and married fitness instructor, Arthur Shivers, in 2017. The couple welcomed their son at some point and Wallick’s birth was documented on the series. Miss Robbie was present for the birth.

“Of course she’s one of the first people I asked to come to the hospital,” Wallick said of Miss Robbie. She vowed to love AJ as much as her grandson that Wallick shared with Norman, despite there being no biological connection.

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Unfortunately, things have taken a turn. Miss Robbie was once an ally of Wallick and played mediator between her son and Wallick. But now, she says Wallick is keeping her grandson away from Norman’s side of the family.

In her Instagram post wishing Timmy’s a happy 9th birthday, Ms. Robbie captioned a photo of the two, “Happy Birthday Timmy! Grandma love you even though I can’t see you. Your daddy side of the family misses you and one day we’ll see you.”
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Fans were quick to blame Wallick, leaving Miss Robbie to explain her post. “Grandparents do have rights. And I’m going to make sure I get mine. I’m a fighter, not a quitter and I’ll go all the way.” She also took jabs at Wallick, saying that Wallick was bitter that Norman was no longer interested in her, despite Wallick being a married woman.

Miss Robbie also alleged that Wallick refused to let her take Timmy for a day, while Wallick claimed Miss Robbie and her side of the family were always invited to Timmy’s planned birthday excursions.

Jenae Wallick accuses Tim Norman of being abusive during their relationship and says he ruined her relationship with Miss Robbie

After social media users flooded Wallick’s comment section, she took the time to give her side of the story during a Q&A with fans on Instagram. According to Wallick, Norman is such an absentee father that Timmy does not even mention him. Still, she made it clear that she does not interfere with Norman seeing his son, and she continued contact with Miss Robbie.

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Wallick also made shocking allegations about Norman, claiming that he was abusive during their relationship and shared a screenshot of a fan who says she witnessed the abuse while they dined at a restaurant.

During season 1 of Sweetie Pies, the two got into a huge blowup, in which Norman became aggressive and Wallick tearfully vented to Miss Robbie that she needed a break from the relationship.

Wallick believes that Norman has interfered with her relationship with Miss Robbie, as she explained that things were fine between the two women as recently as two weeks ago.

She shared a screenshot of a text she sent Miss Robbie pleading with her to stop “meddling” in her and Norman’s co-parenting issues and let Miss Robbie know that in spite of the beef, she still loves her.

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She also accused Norman of running Miss Robbie’s account, which Miss Robbie denied. Miss Robbie’s account posted a final message, explaining that she’d be pursuing legal action and that Wallick is money hungry. Wallick accused Norman of not seeing their son in the past four years.