‘Castlevania’ Season 3: Fans React to Lenore’s Manipulation of Hector

Season 3 of Castlevania left fans wanting more, especially when it comes to the vampire Lenore (Jessica Brown Findlay). Carmilla (Jaime Murray), who is also a vampire and already known to fans, returns to Styria with an army along with Hector (Theo James), the forgemaster who has the power to create powerful night creature-filled armies. Lenore starts manipulating Hector almost immediately. Read on to learn what fans are saying about how things played out between them in season 3 of Castlevania.

Lenore the diplomat gets to work on Hector

Jessica Brown Findlay
Jessica Brown Findlay | Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Carmilla reunites with her vampire sisters, which include Lenore, Striga (Ivana Milicevic), and Morana (Yasmine Al Massri). Lenore ends up being tasked with bringing Hector into the fold so to speak. She starts manipulating him by visiting him in his cell. She upgrades him to a better cell with more amenities and slowly starts earning his trust and loyalty.

Lenore continues to work on Hector for their ultimate goal of using his powers for the vampire sisters’ own benefits. Lenore uses sex to get Hector to vow his loyalty to her, and along with a magical ring, Lenore is able to fully manipulate Hector to do her will. She even creates identical magical rings for her sisters, so that the creatures Hector creates will be loyal to all of them.

It’s a masterful plan and it seems hard to believe that the innocent looking Lenore would come up with it all on her own, but it seems there’s more to Lenore than meets the eye.

Fans react to Lenore’s manipulation of Hector

Fans of Castlevania have a lot of feelings about Lenore’s manipulation of Hector in season 3. Some didn’t see it coming at all. Others speculate what this all means for Hector’s future. Lenore said that Hector can’t ever take off the ring because it will cause him excruciating pain, but could that be a lie?

“What if the ring won’t hurt Hector if he takes it off, and Lenore was just bluffing to make a point to Hector 🤔,” a Reddit user inquired.

Another user said that Lenore is actually the “scariest” because she’s the “diplomatic one.” “I loved that all of the sisters are different from each other, and Lenore being the diplomatic one almost makes her the scariest,” they said. “You can’t tell what her angle or end goal is. Last episode I was more than a little surprised when she just started having sex with Hector, but it all made sense when she slipped the slave ring on his finger.”

Some fans seemed to know something was going to happen between Lenore and Hector. “I knew Lenore had something up her sleeve,” another Reddit user explained.

One fan thinks that Lenore actually cares for Hector. “They could’ve gone full Hector as a slave but it’s nice to see a different take with Lenore genuinely caring for him,” they explained.

Another viewer thinks Hector easily fell into Lenore’s “trap” because he’s gullible and easy to manipulate. “It just goes to show that he’s easily deceived, so of course he fell into Lenore’s trap,” the Reddit user wrote.

Fans hope they get to see more Lenore and Hector in the future.