‘Catfish:’ Nev Helped Angel Meet Remy, but is Her Best Friend Also Dating Him?

For this episode of Catfish, Nev Schulman teamed up with singer/songwriter Elle King to help Texas native, Angel. She wrote into the show because she wants to meet her online lover, Remy, who lives near her and creepily watched her standing outside her car one time. Remy exhibits typical Catfish behavior, and Angel wants to truth, but is she ready for all the secrets that get exposed? Keep reading to find out!

Catfish Angel Remy
Nev Schulman | Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Why did Angel write to ‘Catfish?’

Angel lives in a town near Dallas, Texas, and has a six-month-old son. She found Remy on Plenty of Fish three months before writing Schulman, and they communicated every single day. Angel recalled not many people talking to her around the time she gave birth to her son except for her best friend Mari, so she was happy to meet someone to talk to regularly. According to Angel, Remy is 18-years-old and works at Amazon, but has his head on straight.


Even though they talk on the phone every day, the couple video chatted one time, and all he showed was his forehead. Angel remembered the forehead from the video chat and the picture he sends her did not match up. Also, Remy told her he lives with his ex-girlfriend because she still pays the rent, and that’s why he can’t meet up with her. Schulman and King flew to Texas to help Angel locate her mystery man.

Nev Schulman figures out who Remy is

Angel told Schulman about a time when she invited Remy to the movies with her and Mari, but he said he couldn’t go because of his girlfriend and gave her his address. His girlfriend also began texting Angel inviting her to the apartment so they could fight. Angel wanted to figure out if everything was real, so she went to the address. However, the unit number he gave her didn’t exist.

When she told him she was in the apartment complex but could not locate the building, he told her he was watching her and even described the clothes she wore. Therefore, King and Schulman decide to go to the address themselves and they found the correct unit. However, the man who opened the door claimed Remy didn’t live there.

Schulman then straight out called Remy and asked to meet up, but he initially declined. The next day, Remy texted back and decided he wanted to meet at a park. Once they met up, Remy refused to tell his real name and said the entire thing was a joke to him. He said that even though they talked for hours for three months, it meant nothing to him and something to do in his spare time. Remy also refused to apologize to a heartbroken Angel before walking away.

Is Angel’s best friend also dating Remy?

Additionally, Remy told the Catfish crew that Mari messaged him frequently, talking about sexual things and meeting up alone. He even showed them explicit pictures of Mari she sent Remy. Therefore, Angel texted Mari and asked to meet her at her house. When Mari arrived, she denied speaking to Remy sexually and said he came on to her. Schulman questioned her about the inappropriate pictures she sent Remy, but Mari claimed her ex-boyfriends had posted explicit photos of her before and he could have gotten them from anywhere.

Finally, Mari broke down in tears and apologized to Angel. Three months later, Angel admitted she no longer speaks to Mari because she has a pattern of doing the same things to her behind her back. She also has not talked to Remy since the day they met, and production was not able to get a hold of him for his update.

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