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In one of the best episodes of Catfish to date, the team headed to Hawaii to confront two friends who have been “catfishing” Kaden. As the Catfish first, Kaden and his online lover already met on a cruise at 15-years-old. The two young love birds talked consistently for four years until Adriana changed her number and things got weird. Also as a Catfish first, the usually calm Nev Schulman finally loses his patience with one of the meanest catfishes to date. What happened in this episode? Keep reading to find out!

Catfish Season 7 Episode 33
Nev Schulman | John Lamparski/WireImage

‘Catfish’ Season 7 Episode 33 Kaden and Adriana

19-year-old Kaden from Salt Lake City, Utah wrote to Nev regarding his sweetheart, Adriana. His 19-year-old online lover lives in Hawaii, and they met four years prior on a cruise. They used to talk on Instagram every day and Facetimed a few times. However, a couple of months before writing to Nev, she gave him a different number to contact her, claiming she changed it after buying a new phone.

After the different phone number, she no longer answers calls and only messages him on Snapchat. In a bizarre message, Adriana sent Kaden a picture of her friend, Alysha, and asked if he found her attractive. He admitted he didn’t but thought that interaction was strange. Nev and Kamie flew to Salt Lake City to meet Kaden and began investigating.

The crew heads to Hawaii in ‘Catfish’ Season 7 Episode 33

Adriana is semi-Instagram famous with around 20,000 followers. The majority of her pictures only feature her. However, they found a girl, Mary, who commented on several photos of Adriana, and direct messaged her. Mary called and said she worked with Adriana, but her co-worker never mentioned Kaden. Nev then found a picture of Adriana with Alysha on Instagram and messaged Alysha. She also called and said that while she is friends with Adriana, she doesn’t know anything about the Kaden situation.

Alysha called back later that day and weirdly admitted she was talking to Kaden the past few months on Adriana’s account. She said she wanted to own up to it, so the Catfish team doesn’t need to come to Hawaii. However, Nev replied that they do need to meet up to hold Alysha and Adriana accountable. Nev then called Adriana’s new phone number and Michael, her photographer, answered the phone. When Nev identified himself, he almost immediately hung up.

In ‘Catfish’ Season 7 Episode 33, Nev Schulman calls Adriana a b****

For the first time, the Catfish team went to Hawaii to confront their girl. During the first couple of days, both girls refused to answer Nev’s phone calls and texts. Therefore, they called her coworker, Mary, and she confirmed that Adriana works later that day. Nev, Kaden, and Kamie went to her job and Adriana unblinkingly “confessed” to the situation. She claimed Alysha has access to her Instagram and saw Kaden on her feed and thought he was cute. So, she messaged him without Adriana’s knowledge initially; however, Alysha did end up coming clean to her.

Adriana also referred to Kaden as her “good friend,” so Kamie asked her to clarify. She said they didn’t spend much time together on the cruise and never had any feelings towards him. Adriana continued explaining that she didn’t pick up on any romantic vibes between them, during their years of talking, and ended it by telling him she has a boyfriend, Michael. When asked why she never came clean about it to Kaden, Adriana responded she felt more loyal to Alysha.

Alysha agreed to meet Nev and Kaden at a park to put an end to everything. She arrived with Adriana, and they both admitted they lied again. Now, their story is Adriana lost interest in Kaden, so she sent the picture of her friend as a way to say that.

The way the two coldly described the situation without any inkling of emotion set Nev off, and he walked away, calling Adriana “a b****.” Kaden and Adriana talked alone together, which consisted only of another fake apology and Kaden half accepting it before walking back. Two months later, Kaden told Nev he’s planning on moving to California, and production could not reach Adriana.

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