‘Catfish’ Season 7 Episode 36: Kamie Crawford Returned To Help Shirlene Find Her ‘Dead’ Catfish

Nev Schulman joined forces with fan-favorite guest co-host Kamie Crawford to find James, a 23-year-old welder. Shirlene and James seemingly have a Native American love story. However, because of her online lover’s strange behavior, the Catfish crew thinks he could be a drug dealer.

When he claimed to have died, only to resurrect himself a few days later, Nev and Kamie decide to investigate the situation. Is James real and involved with the wrong people, or is someone messing with Shirlene? Keep reading to find out!

Catfish Season 7 Episode 36
Nev Schulman | Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic

Shirlene and James’ Native American love story in ‘Catfish’ Season 7 Episode 36

Based in Arizona, Shirlene is in the Native American Navajo tribe and a single mother. The 21-year-old lives with her clan sister, Nicole, who also has a son. She talked to James, a 23-year-old welder from New Mexico who also claims to be third in line for Chief of the Zuni tribe, for almost a year before emailing Nev for his help.

After James began acting bizarre and continually moving, his sister, Mya, told Shirlene that James passed away. Shirlene’s mother did some research and realized he is still alive, so the young mother confronted her deceased lover via text message. He responded, but gave no details about why he faked his death. So, Nev and Kamie flew out to Arizona to meet Shirlene in person, and get to the bottom of her situation.

Kamie Crawford and Nev Schulman investigate

While researching James online in a cafe, the owner told them that being in line to for Chief position of a tribe does not exist because they are voted in. Therefore, Nev knew James lied to Shirlene about that, however, did not find much more information.

Because Shirlene and James have never talked on the phone, the Catfish crew felt like it could be a female or someone the Arizona native knows. Nev asked the owner of the cafe how their culture views homosexuality, and she admitted it’s frowned upon.

Shirlene also told Nev and Kamie that Nicole’s last name is Jaymes. Therefore, they are convinced “James” is her roommate, and she cannot tell Shirlene her real feelings because of fear.

Nev and Kamie told Shirlene their findings and decided the next step was to text James and see if he will meet them. After the shy young mother was too nice in her message, Nev sent another giving James an ultimatum. His sister, Mya, texted back and told them he was in jail.

They visited the jail, of course, he wasn’t there, and once again Nev backed the Catfish into a corner. Finally, the person agreed to meet and sent an address.

The team confronts the ‘deceased’ Catfish in Season 7 Episode 36

James is actually Mya, an 18-year-old, half Navajo half Zuni, who lives in Tuba City, New Mexico. She claimed she created the profile two years before meeting Shirlene because she felt alone after her sister died. Initially, Mya said she never had feelings for the young mother, and only wanted friendship.

However, Shirlene called her out about a sexual conversation they had, and Mya admitted she did have romantic feelings for the 21-year-old. When the two talked alone, Mya apologized again and asked Shirlene if they could remain friends.

Two months later, Shirlene told Nev and Kamie that Mya reached out a few times, but she doesn’t want anything to do with the 18-year-old. When the team talked to Mya, she admitted she was afraid of how people in her town would perceive her after the episode aired.

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