‘Catfish’ Season 7 Episode 39: Justin Combs and Nev Shulman Team Up To Find Cherie’s ‘Secret Admirer’

In Catfish Season 7 Episode 39, Diddy’s son, Justin Combs, joined Nev Schulman as the guest co-host to help 26-year-old Cherie. After she received a text from a secret admirer, they engaged in a very sexual relationship and exchanged NSFW pictures often.

However, after he stood her up, Cherie finally wants to meet her mystery man. This episode’s ‘Catfish first’ is that her online lover could be married. Is it true? Keep reading to find out.

Catfish Season 7 Episode 39
Justin Combs | Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for The h.wood Group

Cherie and Avion’s cat-and-mouse game

26-year-old Cherie works as a saleswoman in Baltimore. She emailed Catfish explaining she received a text from a man one day who claimed she sold him a tablet. However, he refused to give her information until she sent him explicit photos.

Finally, he told her his name, Avion Whitaker, and they attempted to meet at a hotel. He sent her a screenshot of a reservation, but when Cherie went to the hotel, the employees told her it was fake, and Avion never showed up. He gave her an excuse that he got pulled over and received a DUI, but insisted the reservation was real.

Cherie claimed she also searched his name and pictures but could not find any social media related to her mystery man.

Justin Combs and Nev Schulman investigate

The two also had no luck finding anything that would confirm or negate his identity, so they left a post in his hometown’s Facebook group asking if anyone knew him. They received a message from a woman named Monica Whitaker asking for Nev to call her.

Monica claimed Avion is her husband and she caught him talking to her a while ago, but he said he stopped. She initially agreed to meet to get answers, but then texted Nev changing her mind. Because the woman claimed to have kids with Avion, she didn’t want to “blow up her marriage on national tv,” so she told Nev to leave her family alone.

Therefore, they decided to text Avion and see if he would meet, to which he agreed.

The ‘Catfish’ crew meets ‘Avion’

Nev, Justin, and Cherie went to the address Avion gave them to put an end to the chase finally. Avion turned out to be Cherie’s ex-friend, a man who uses a wheelchair named Buddy. He said he catfished her because he lent her money and she never paid him back.

However, the money he “lent” her was a payment he made on her behalf because her phone bill wasn’t paid. Although Cherie never officially asked for the loan in the first place, Buddy believed she should have paid him back.

Monica turned out to be Buddy’s caretaker, Desire, who only knew Cherie through Buddy. However, she got involved because she thought Buddy was right and Cherie was a terrible person for not repaying Buddy. Even though they both claimed all of Cherie’s nudes were deleted, she went through his phone and found several she had to remove on her own.

Two months later, Cherie and Buddy have not spoken and do not plan on it. However, they all agreed to move on from the situation.