15 Celebrities Who You Forgot Appeared on Reality TV

Emma Stone

Emma Stone | Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

Reality TV is full of people that haven’t quite made it in the music or acting industry. That’s partially the reason it has such a bad reputation. It’s not the first choice for those who want to make it in the entertainment industry, but a lot of current well-known celebrities got their start on reality TV shows. So who appeared on reality TV? Here are 15 celebrities who got their start on reality shows.

1. Emma Stone on In Search of the Partridge Family

The actress has been in huge blockbusters like The Amazing Spider-Man and has also starred in Oscar winners like The Help and Birdman. Before becoming a leading lady however, she was showing off her singing skills on In Search of the Partridge Family. At the time, she was just 16 years old and rocking brown hair. She also had the stage name, Emily Stone back then. On the show, she sang Meredith Brooks’ “Bitch.” Stone won and was named the new Laurie Partridge. The actress later talked about her time on the TV show.

“You go in there rolling your eyes,” she told Vogue, “thinking, ‘this is just a reality search competition,’ but then you’re there for seven weeks, and you just really, really want to win.”

The good news is that Emma Stone was able to use her singing chops eventually. She starred in the musical La La Land, which got a lot of critical acclaim.