Certified Scream Queen Danielle Harris Talks ‘Creepshow,’ Halloween, and Why Voice Acting Offers a Little More Freedom [EXCLUSIVE]

The fifth episode of Creepshow Season 3 gave audiences its first animated segment of the season. Animation isn’t something new for Creepshow. They’ve dipped their toe into it with a handful of specials and episodes, but this episode’s segment is a standout. ‘The Things in Oakwood’s Past’ utilizes the voice talents of Danielle Harris, Mark Hamill, and Ron Livingston. Showbiz Cheat Sheet recently sat down with horror star Harris to talk about her time on Creepshow, her feelings about Halloween, and more.

Actor Danielle Harris poses in a yellow dress at the premiere of 'Hatchet II'
Danielle Harris | Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Danielle Harris’ stint on ‘Creepshow’ Season 3 isn’t her first time as a voice actor

Harris might be one of the younger faces of the Halloween franchise. She starred in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers as a child. However, the actor spent plenty of time exercising her voice acting talent. She voiced the part of Debbie Thornberry on Nickelodeon’s animated series, The Wild Thornberries, for seven years. We asked Harris what she enjoyed about voice acting.

 “I was able to just for lack of a better word, let my freak flag fly. So I have a very comfortable feeling when I’m in a voiceover booth. I just feel like I can go for it, and no one’s really watching. You know, no one’s going to see me do the things their character does. There’s a little bit of safety in that, and I can go big, as you saw in the episode. I find comedy a little bit easier when you’re not in front of the camera. Yeah, at least I could be more ridiculous. I just tend to go for it. So I love doing voiceover work.”

She continued, “This particular show would have been awesome to do live because I have not done anything with creatures yet. I was really excited to be part of the show because I’m a fan and I was wanting to work with Greg Nicotero again and be part of this because so many of my friends have done it. I was happy to be cast and I can create a character. Yeah, it just feels like when you when I’m when I’m seen on film and a little bit more aware of what I’m doing, where I lose myself a little bit more when I’m inside of a voiceover booth.”

Danielle Harris voiced the part of Marnie seen in the production still of the 'Creepshow' episode called 'The Things in Oakwood's Past'
Danielle Harris voiced the role of Marnie seen here. | Photo Credit: Shudder

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This Scream Queen wasn’t always a fan of Halloween

Harris starred in two of the Halloween franchise movies when she was around 10-years-old. We can’t say we blame her for not loving the holiday as a child. However, now that she has two sons of her own, she’s found the fun in the year’s spookiest night. 

“I used to shy away from it. Then something happened when I had kids It’s so fun now for me to experience it in a different way. But I mean I have scary stuff all over my house. I have this big Michael Myers dummy in the living room. He’ss peering out the dining room window, but he’s dressed in the mask and all that stuff. My kids will walk up and try to take his hand to go outside. That stuff is super fun, so trick or treating is on my list for sure.

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Danielle Harris’ next project is the A24 film ‘Flesh’

Harris continues to stick close to her horror roots and has some exciting new projects in store. According to Deadline, “Plot details are being kept under wraps but we hear it involves a deranged individual who wants to sacrifice human flesh to a malevolent spirit.”

When asked about future projects, Harris said, “I’m about to start a movie on Monday called Flesh that I’m excited about. There’s a nice little Deadline article about that. Chris McGowan is directing and I’m executive producing. I’ve been able to help out with my friends, which they’re going to announce, I believe, this week or next week.”

Be sure to check out Harris’ current episode of Creepshow, available on Shudder.