Channing Tatum Pranked a Co-Star With a Trailer Full of Sex Dolls

Everyone loves the occasional prank — even celebrities. After all, they spend so much time together when filming. So it is only natural that they would want to do things to make each other laugh. Oftentimes, fans get to hear about the tricks that are played. And there is no denying the fact that things can get pretty funny. One of the most memorable jokes, however, was the time Channing Tatum pranked a co-star with a trailer full of sex dolls.

The stars involved in the prank

Channing Tatum reacts during a media call on December 03, 2019, in Melbourne, Australia.
Channing Tatum reacts during a media call on December 03, 2019, in Melbourne, Australia. | Kelly Defina/Getty Images

Taron Egerton and Tatum were the two stars involved in the prank, with the former on the receiving end. So, what is some background on the two actors? Egerton is a British actor who is perhaps best known for the Kingman franchise. He’s also appeared in films including Sing, Eddie the Eagle, and the Elton John biopic Rocketman.

As for Tatum, he got his start in the movie Step Up. And his acting career has been on fire ever since. He is known for his dancing talents, and some of the actor’s most popular movies include Magic Mike and 21 Jump Street. Tatum was previously married to actress Jenna Dewan, and the couple shares a daughter, Everly. He has also had the honor of being named People Magazine’s 2012 Sexiest Man Alive.

Channing Tatum pranked his co-star with a trailer full of sex dolls

It turns out that Tatum is pretty good-natured, and he went so far as to prank one of his co-stars to prove it. So, what happened? It was pretty over-the-top on the set of Kingsman: The Golden Circle when Tatum decided to prank none other than Egerton, and got him pretty good.

“The day he left, he filled my trailer with I think it was about 20 sex dolls and some rather disturbingly large prosthetics,” said Egerton. “It’s on camera somewhere, someone filmed it I think. He spent some money on that. He really went to town!”

The truth is, however, that the prank was provoked by Egerton when he “put a mannequin in his trailer bed with a wig on it and some empty wine bottles and a pair of high heels on the floor,” Tatum then “came in one morning and thought there was a person in there and was quite freaked out.” So Tatum got even by filling Egerton’s trailer with sex dolls.

How was the prank received?

It is never easy being on the receiving end of a prank. How did Egerton react? Pretty well! The actor looks back on the incident fondly, even laughing at it. “Eventually they were all deflated and stuffed in a cupboard but they were there in that form for ages and I had to sort of wade through them to get to the fridge or go and get my costume yeah, trying to avoid plastic erogenous zones,” he told People.

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