Rapper Charli Baltimore Details Argument With Notorious B.I.G. After Discovering His Wife, Faith Evans, Was Pregnant

Most hip hop fans are aware of the marriage between rap royalty The Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie and singer Faith Evans. Many music fans are also familiar with the love triangle including rapper Lil’ Kim. But when Biggie died, he was in a full-blown relationship with rapper Charli Baltimore. Still, Biggie continued having a relationship with both Evans and Kim while with Baltimore. Baltimore was left hurt when Biggie broke the news that Evans became pregnant.  

Charli Baltimore and Faith Evans
Charli Baltimore and Faith Evans at the 2014 BET Awards | Kevin Mazur/BET/Getty Images for BET

How Biggie and Charli Baltimore met

Baltimore says she and Biggie met around 1995 when the “Hypnotize” rapper performed in her hometown of Philadelphia. She caught Biggie’s eye when he was out front taking pictures with fans. Baltimore says Biggie summoned her to his car and asked to take a photo with her. She was a huge fan and excited to get a photo, not thinking it would lead to anything else.

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After taking the picture, Baltimore says Biggie continued taking individual pictures with just her. From there, they began talking, leading to an all-night conversation. They exchanged information and drummed up a close friendship.

Baltimore continued living in Philly, often visiting Biggie’s home in North Jersey. As their relationship progressed from platonic to romantic, they became inseparable. She traveled with Biggie often and was part of his close inner circle. They remained a couple until he died in 1997.

Charli Baltimore says Biggie and Faith Evans were separated when they began dating

In a recent interview with The Art of Dialogue, Baltimore says Evans and Biggie were separated when she met Biggie. But just because Evans and Biggie were separated does not mean that the estranged married couple were not intimate from time to time.

“Big and Faith were separated when we met, this is what he was telling me,” she says. “So as far as I knew, they weren’t together at all, in any sense. But, I know that Big being the guy that he was and being a young guy, obviously, he still had feelings for her. He married her. But then he also ended up having a baby with her while we were together.”

Source: YouTube

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Of course, Baltimore was not a fan of the news that Biggie and Evans were expecting. At the time of Biggie revealing the news to Baltimore, he and Baltimore had been together for nearly two years. 

“I didn’t know he was going back and forth,” she admits, adding that due to his young age and power as the biggest rapper of his time, she understands his philandering ways. But she was furious at the time. “That [conversation] did not go well with me at all but at that point, I had been with him for a while. We broke up a few times and I am pretty sure we broke up for a while after he told me the news.”

Faith Evans had an interesting way to discover Biggie’s infidelity

Evans recalled her and Biggie’s magical love story during an episode of the Lifetime docuseries Hopelessly In Love. The rapper’s crew admits that he was unfaithful from the beginning of his relationship with Evans, as he married her while he was dating fellow rapper, Lil’ Kim. Evans did not suspect Biggie was unfaithful until she overheard a suspicious phone call.

“My ears are golden, let me just tell you,” Evans said. “Un, to this very day, Un Rivera, always laughs at the fact that I recognized the tones on the dial pad and dialed this girl’s number back.” 

Rivera, who was Biggie’s business partner, confirmed Evans’ unconventional detective skills. 

Evans pressed redial on the phone to study to the tone of the numbers. “She played it back and found each number from the tone,” he said. “Who does that? Who has that ability to be able to say ‘That was a four, no that’s seven.’”

Evans is now married to Biggie’s former friend and music producer, Steven “Stevie J” Jordan. They both insist Biggie would not have an issue with their relationship.