Charlie Sheen Responds to Corey Feldman’s Claims That He Raped Corey Haim

Corey Feldman promised that he would make some major claims in his new documentary — and he was not kidding. Titled (My) Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys, the film focuses on the alleged abuse he and his longtime friend Corey Haim experienced while they were both child actors.

Among the allegations, Feldman claimed that Charlie Sheen allegedly sexually assaulted Haim back in the ’80s. Sheen subsequently spoke out and addressed the claims, vehemently denying Feldman’s remarks.

Charlie Sheen at an event in November 2018
Charlie Sheen at an event in November 2018 | Sam Tabone/WireImage

Inside Corey Feldman’s new documentary

The film premiered on March 9 in Los Angeles. Rolling Stone reports that it begins by detailing Feldman and Haim’s friendship before diving into the abuse they allegedly suffered as kids.

Speaking to Haim’s alleged experiences, Felman claimed that Sheen allegedly raped Haim on the set of 1986’s Lucas, which also featured Winona Ryder and Courtney Thorne-Smith. At the time, Sheen and Haim were 19 and 13, respectively.

“This wasn’t like a one time thing he said in passing. It wasn’t like, ‘Oh, by the way, this happened.’ He went into great detail,” Feldman recalled (via Entertainment Weekly).

“He told me, ‘Charlie bent me over in between two trailers and put Crisco oil on my butt and raped me in broad daylight,'” Feldman continued. “‘Anybody could have walked by, anybody could have seen it.””

The remarks drew audible gasps from the audience, according to Rolling Stone.

As the film continued, one of Feldman’s exes, Susannah Sprague, supported his claims. An actor who worked with Feldman and Haim in the ’80s also stood by the remarks.

The full documentary can be screened here.

Charlie Sheen reacts to the claim

On March 10, Sheen spoke out against the accusations in a statement shared with The Huffington Post.

“These sick, twisted and outlandish allegations never occurred,” he said. Sheen also urged viewers to consider “what [Haim’s] mother Judy Haim has to say” about the accusations. Previously, she denied the claims in an interview with the National Enquirer.

“My son never mentioned Charlie. We never talked about Charlie. It was all made up,” she said (via Entertainment Tonight). “If my son was here to hear all of this he would throw up.”

“Corey’s best friends are freaking out,” Judy added. “They’re going, ‘What the hell is he talking about?’ They all know the truth because my son had a very big mouth. Every time he had an interview he told everybody what drugs he was on, what he was doing. We’ve never heard of Charlie, ever.”

“I feel bad because this is a big problem in Hollywood and all over the world,” she added. “I hope it can be straightened out and I hope that the people that actually have done harm to others are going to be paying the price at the very end of the day.”

She did, however, admit in another interview that her son had been assaulted by another man.

For his part, Haim never said anything bad about Sheen during his life. He died in 2010 at the age of 28 from pneumonia.

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