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One could easily accuse the Marvel Cinematic Universe of being a giant black hole that keeps drawing in A-list actors by a strong gravitational force. That latter force is likely big checks, unless some actors find real depth in those characters.

Well, everyone knows the MCU has more character development than ever given credit for by Hollywood elites. Whether Marvel can land more top talent is another thing.

Fans want Charlize Theron in the mix next, and perhaps everyone will get their wish. Considering they brought Angelina Jolie in for The Eternals says a lot about the kind of actors the studio can still recruit.

Who could Theron play if she joins? With her ethereal beauty, the sky’s the limit.

Should Charlize Theron play an MCU superhero or a villain?

Charlize Theron on the red carpet
Charlize Theron | Toni Anne Barson/WireImage

Since Theron has a long list of characters that one might consider good and bad (or a combination), she could play either one. Nevertheless, fan opinion on places like Reddit seem to tilt her in the direction of play a foe rather than a malevolent superhero.

Last year, someone on Reddit posted rumors about her being considered to play Morgan le Fey. Those who know their Marvel Comics lore will know le Fey as one of the more unique characters Stan Lee helped co-create.

He and Joe Maneely created her to be the half-sister of King Arthur, giving a direct correlation to the character from the King Arthur stories. Along the way, she becomes a serious enemy to The Avengers, not including being a former lover of Dr. Doom.

She also hung out with Dr. Strange, giving all indications upcoming Into the Multitude of Madness will feature the character. How much do those rumors of Theron playing le Fey hold up, though? And who else could she play in the MCU?

Fans have other MCU characters in mind for Charlize Theron

Over on Fandom, someone started a Fancast thread asking who Theron should play. They also quoted her about her interest in acting in the MCU: “I would totally be open to it. That genre is becoming really fascinating to me and that kind of physical storytelling is something that I am really enjoying. So get with it, Marvel”.

Out of all character suggestions there, one really stood out: Emma Frost. This character played a major part in the Fox X-Men movies (played by January Jones), though never has appeared in the MCU.

Frost is also a true superhero, giving Theron a chance to play someone other than an expected villain. Not that fans stopped with Frost as a character choice.

Some others mentioned on Fandom include Sue Storm, Mystique, and Moonstone. Variety even suggested the possibility of her playing Madame Web in the Spider-Man franchise.

Emma Frost would have to be completely reinvented


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Anyone who saw the Fox X-Men movies knows that version of Emma Frost died (off-camera) in the early 1960s, possibly at the hands of Boliver Trask. Any reboot of the character would have to ignore this as canon, something the MCU no doubt will do with all the X-Men.

At the same time, Morgan le Fey would give Theron a lot more to do in chewing the scenery. Prior incarnations of the character on TV certainly did. The first time in live-action was for a forgotten 1978 Dr. Strange TV movie. Then Elizabeth Hurley played her in Marvel’s recent Hulu series Runaways.

Because the character is British, the only challenge for Theron would be in her putting on a British accent. She already has done that, if once maligned for it when she acted in Atomic Blonde.

With that in mind, maybe playing the very American Emma Frost would be better suited, despite Theron once speaking in a native South African accent.