Charlize Theron Talks Her Love of ‘The Bachelor’ and How She Really Feels About Peter Weber

The Bachelor is all about making love connections. Sometimes that leads to the stars unexpectedly finding something with other celebrities after the show.

Charlize Theron recently posted a picture posing with a poster of Peter Weber and he responded. Is there something more between them? This is what she had to say about her love of The Bachelor and her feelings about Weber.

Charlize Theron posted a picture with Peter Weber’s poster on Instagram

Bachelor Nation includes many celebrities who also love the show. Now that includes Theron, who posted a picture of herself in front of Peter Weber’s poster.

The poster reads “expect turbulence.” She captioned the picture with “Turbulence I like.” Other celebrities reacted to the post.

January Jones commented with, “Omg!!! I can. Not. Wait.” Taryn Manning wrote, “Cause you’re the best at what you do.”

Weber responded by posing with her poster

The pilot didn’t wait long to respond to the actress. He posted his own photo posing with her Dior ad. He captioned it with “Turbulence can be fun.”

Other celebrities tied to the show cheered him on in the comments. Former bachelor, Colton Underwood wrote “Shoot your shot!” Host, Chris Harrison wrote, “Well played kid…well played.” Ali Fedotowsky commented with “Ahhhhh! The best!!!!!”

It’s unknown how this season will end. Some fans are wondering if this is a sign that Weber is still single and is now flirting with Theron. The actress was asked about her feelings about the show and Weber.

Theron said she’s super excited about ‘The Bachelor’

Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Some may wonder if Theron could make her own love connection with Weber. If it does happen it probably won’t be through social media given how she answered whether he slipped into her DMs.

“No. I don’t even know really what a DM is, let’s be honest,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “Maybe yes? I don’t think so. No. I think it’s all in fun.”

She went on to talk about the upcoming season. “I love the show,” she said. “Look, he’s like half my age — not that that should matter, but, no, he’s great. I’m super excited. I love the show. I’ve missed it.”

The Bombshell star continued, “And I’m just so glad that the show premieres in the winter when it’s dark early because my kids don’t know what time I send them to bed but like 5:45pm. As soon as it’s dark, [I watch The Bachelor].”

This season will reportedly leave fans guessing. “There’s a reason no one’s going to find out the ending and I’m very happy with how everything turned out,” Weber told People. “And I am excited for everyone to tune in and have it be the first unspoiled season in a while. So it’s gonna be good.”

Many seasons of The Bachelor end with the star proposing to the winner. Weber said he planned to do the same.

“When I decided to be the bachelor, I obviously envisioned at the end, getting down on one knee and getting engaged to someone. That’s what I envisioned,” he said.

It sounds like things probably didn’t go as planned. Fans will have to wait to see what happens. The new season premieres on Jan. 6 at 8/7 CDT.